“A Splash of Light”- Morro Bay, CA – David Pasillas – Featured Photographer   46 comments




“A Splash of Light”- Morro Bay, CA – David Pasillas – Featured Photographer

I think we need a bigger jetty!  I love the sun setting into the whitewater.  It gives a calming effect under such raw power.  I have surfed here many times, but never when the waves were this large.  Dave is very creative in his photography and even uses his Iphone to take some really interesting shots.  Be sure to check them out here http://500px.com/DavidPasillas or http://iphonephotog.wordpress.com/.  You can also contact him at http://www.facebook.com/DavidPasillasPhoto

Take it away Dave:

I had heard the waves were going to be massive out in Morro Bay, CA so I made the 45 minute drive to hang out next to Morro Rock with all the other spectators. There was quite a crowd actually, and most of them had the common sense to keep a safe distance. Imagine 12+ foot waves crashing into the jetty creating a cool mist in the air. Not so cool when you have to keep wiping your lens, but I digress. I got a few awesome shots of the waves crashing into the rocks, but this one stood out.

For months, this image sat on my hard drive because I had yet to figure out how to make the most of this image. It looked muddy and bland as some RAW files tend to do. After watching a workshop on HDR, I took the plunge and blended 5 exposures in Photomatix, used Topaz Adjust to bring out some more detail, and color efex pro to add a slightly dreamy feel. The result is the image I call A Splash of Light.

The camera used was a Nikon D60, really just an entry level camera, with the 18-55 kit lens. So who needs the biggest and baddest gear to get a good shot!? This HDR image was created from 1 RAW file.

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46 responses to “A Splash of Light”- Morro Bay, CA – David Pasillas – Featured Photographer

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  3. This is incredibly cool! Surrealistic, almost.

  4. this is a awesome photo!! nice shoot!! how can you do a HDR photo?? I’m trying but I don’t know how can I take it!! =P

  5. powerful with a splash of ethereal thrown in. thank you.

  6. Absolutely brilliant!!

  7. Reblogged this on edwardmykle and commented:
    Too beautiful to not reblog! Check out PhotoBotos.com here on WordPress for some more great shots.

  8. Brilliant!

  9. Great capture – so explosive from water and light…..

  10. Absolutely stunning!

  11. Beautiful image! I use a basic camera because most of my work is of street scenes. You don’t need a big camera and a lens the length of one’s arm. It’s the after part nowadays with digital images- photoshop and other programs. I only use them for cropping or bringing out colors, adjusting light. Nothing fancy. I thought your image reminded me of album covers from the Seventies when they achieved high art- something like the group Yes or Pink Floyd. Very soft yet explosive. Nice job.

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  13. this is beautiful!!! Thanks for passing by my blog! 🙂

  14. Wow, look at the rainbow effect he gets as well. That sun being almost ‘eaten’ by the sea may be a once in a lifetime shot. You caught that right, Dave. Thumbs up to ya, mate!

  15. Brilliant!

  16. Brilliant!!

  17. wow, GREAT capture!!! The lighting and timing is perfect.

  18. Awesome image!

  19. awesome ! may i use it on my blog page David?

  20. So cool! Brings me to my summers spent there.

  21. Sweet!

  22. Wow….incredible and magical…love it:)

  23. Superb. Terrific website too.

  24. stunning shot, very magical

  25. Beautiful picture – kudos!

  26. Beautiful!

  27. Very, very nice! A splash of imagination too!!! Thanks for the text, I can smell the fresh salty water…

  28. This photo really caught my eye and I spent a lot more time looking at all the elements found in the photo, from the rays of sun to the rocks in the foreground. Nicely done.

  29. Incredible shot! A shot you live to make.

  30. My mind is boggled. Even if I had a year wit a camera, learning how to use every single button and lens, I could never produce this. Just gorgeous!

  31. beautiful!

  32. Gorgeous! Thanks for offering as a wallpaper!

  33. Thank you guys for the awesome comments. Today I’m inspired to offer this photo as a wallpaper for FREE. All you have to do is go to my facebook page and click like to get it.


  34. brilliant!

  35. Wow.. Thats an amazing shot..

  36. There are no words to describe how gorgeous this is. The perfect photo! 🙂

  37. I wouldn’t have stopped to click – I would have been too busy running! Beautifully-timed shot!

  38. Masterful composition, and very interesting work cleaning it up. What a shot — you must have been thrilled to see it finished!

  39. Morro bay is my secret getaway.

  40. My goodness, this is so stunning!

  41. Great shot, Dave! Thanks for sharing your editing process too. I am always interested in what people are doing.

  42. It turned out just perfect!

  43. It’s like an ecclesiastical vision. Quite stirring.


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    How beautiful is this! It took my eyes some time to work out if it was real or not – it’s almost too beautiful to be true.

  45. Wow, that’s very dramatic!

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