A Year of Watching Wildlife by David Lukas – Book Review




5 Reasons Why You NEED This Book “A Year of Watching Wildlife” – Lonely Planet Series – David Lukas

1)    Right Place at the Right Time

Have you ever looked at a spectacular photo and said that is a lucky shot.  Well, in the world of wildlife photography you make your own luck by being in the right place and waiting for the right time.  This book tells you on a week by week basis where the most interesting animal encounters are occurring around the world.

2)    Plan your next vacation

Want to go to Australia this week? Head on over to Ningaloo Reef and swim with the whale sharks.  Headed to Alaska? Wait until July and watch brown bears catching salmon at Katmai National Park. Live in California?  Make sure you go see the thousand pound bull elephant seals fight for territory at Ano Nuevo State Reserve in December.

3)    Determine the best times to see a certain species of animals

If you are a professional nature photographer or just a like to take snapshots this book is a valuable reference full of practical advice for not only knowing when to go, but finding out new species that are available to photograph. Also the book has a focus on environmentally responsible travel.

4)    Entertaining Read

Even if you don’t plan on leaving your house, this book is similar to a little National Geographic episode on each page.  Page 144 (Tibet), Page 72(Uganda), Page 135 (Russia).

5)    Excellent Photography

The book is filled with amazing nature photography fit for any coffee table.


I have owned this book for about 4 weeks now and pick it up every chance I get.  I have read it cover to cover and now I go back to see what potential trips are coming up.


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Thanks for Reading!

-Charlie and Tom

(The PhotoBotos Brothers)

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