Aleutian Volcano – Aleutian Islands, AK   11 comments




Aleutian Volcano – Aleutian Islands, AK

Stretching 1,200 miles west from the Alaskan Peninsula to almost Russia is a chain of about 300 volcanic islands known as the Aleutians.  They range anywhere from small flat rocks to thousands of feet tall volcanoes.  While I was a marine biologist for the federal government, I spent as much as two months a year flying around almost all of the state of Alaska.  Several weeks were spent in the Aleutian Islands where this photograph was taken from a small twin engine aircraft over an active volcano.  It seems rather odd to see snow on a volcano, but when they start to heat up they can be the only mountains around that lack snow.  We tended to stay away from those for obvious reasons.  Twice while I was in the Aleutians I felt volcanoes erupting from several miles away.  They felt like small earthquakes that we experience from time to time hear in California.

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  1. Where is this specific volcano? Name? We’ve had three that became active just in the spring/summer 2013. Which were Mount Pavlof, Cleveland, and Veniaminof

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  3. This Volcano was acting up last week.

  4. Incredible shot 🙂 Nature is truly amazing.

  5. Was just talking with a friend about the Hawaiian volcanoes. This photo reminds me of what looking into one might be like…except for the obvious difference…snow…not fire and ash.

    thanks for liking my post “lil’ ole’ lady from pasadena”…hugmamma.

  6. Awesome!

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  8. Hi,
    How fascinating 300 volcanic islands, that is incredible.

    Thank You very much for visiting my blog.

  9. That looks incredible! I’d love to see something like that for myself :>.

  10. That’s cool.

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