Amur Tiger – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! – Big Cat Photography   39 comments



Amur Tiger - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid - Big Cat Photography


Amur Tiger – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! – Big Cat Photography

The Amur tiger is king of all cats.  This expression lets you know it. We have a lot of cat people in our Photobotos community, but I am sure we will have a few more after this image.  Not convinced these guys are king of the wild? Well then how about this fact? Bears constitute about 10% of their diet! Both black and brown bears!  Please read BC’s story below and find out the plight of these big cats then check out for some more great images and information on big cats of all kinds.  

Enter Big Cat Photography:

This image is of a male Amur Tiger….who took a bit of disliking to me! This image was taken in captivity but at a very close proximity that meant when he roared you could feel it reverberate through your entire body. Certainly an experience not to be forgotten!

The Amur Tiger is the largest of all the tigers and is in fact the largest big cat in the world. There are only around 500 of these cats remaining in the wild in Russia where poaching for the Chinese medicine trade and habitat destruction continue to be the main cause of the dwindling tiger numbers around the world.

My aim and hope is that my photographs may raise awareness of the plight of big cats in the wild because when you are up close and personal with these animals you really can’t quite describe how amazing and incredible they are. To me it is scary that lions, tigers and leopard species may be extinct in the wild in just a few years time.

Camera: Canon 40d

Focal distance: 120mm

Aperture: f6.3

ISO: 160

Shutter speed: 1/320


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39 responses to Amur Tiger – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! – Big Cat Photography

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  3. Title says it all

  4. Teeth need to be cleaned…lol

  5. Yep, dangerous!

  6. Scary is, scary does! Kudos to zoom lens! GREAT shot!

  7. Tiger is the most beautiful animal in the world.

    Nice Picture!!

  8. Canons are the best ! Great photo 🙂

  9. Amazing shot!

  10. “If looks could kill”. Amazing picture!

  11. I get scared from watching this photo, but that’s great.

  12. beautiful clarity

  13. Nice kitty, cute kitty, kittums want some milkums? Down, kitty! … HELP!

  14. Love big cats!! Thank you for your work with them.

  15. A beautiful cat — I hope his kind is not too threatened!

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  17. I remember John Denver saying (on one of his televised appearances, when a tiger and his or her keeper came on stage) that a tiger can kill and eat a grizzly bear. I didn’t believe him, then. Now I do. 30% of this variety’s diet is bears – including the Eurasian parallel to our brown or grizzly bear? Shudder. Anything that can take down a walking piledriver like that has my respect.

  18. I am afraid. Afraid for their precarious future. Thank you for helping to get the word out.

  19. I got goose bumps looking at this. This image touched me. No complement is good enough to describe this image.

  20. Wonderful! Terrific shot. Magnificent animal. Wish he was free. Thanks.

  21. He’ll wonder where the yellow went when he brushes his teeth with Pepsodent. Wow! That’s as close to a saber tooth tiger as we’ll get.

  22. Beautiful creature, but so scary!

  23. now that is a mouth.

  24. Love the details

  25. Who wants to volunteer to clean his teeth…

  26. My teeth are a little smaller but whiter =^.^=

  27. ME-WOW!! Gorgeous!! T.

  28. Awesome, in the true sense of the word. I imagine you were happy the bars were there. What a tragedy that the big cats are disappearing, although I would undoubtedly feel differently if one had killed a member of my family or a friend.

  29. Amazing animals and amazing photo!

  30. Fantastic photo. Thanks for the info, too.

  31. OOHH, quite the dynamic shot!

  32. He looks a little mean, but could do with some toothpaste!

  33. That facial expression says it all!

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  35. What a beautiful animal and image… Terrifying to think that these creatures may soon be extinct. Yay to the photog for bringing awareness to their plight! ♥

  36. Great shot! Scary…

  37. Crinkly nose time – time to run!

  38. Awesome!!I love tigers!

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