Asian Elephant – KhaoYai National Park, Thailand   5 comments




Asian Elephant – KhaoYai National Park, Thailand

KhaoYai National Park in Thailand is known for its forest elephants.  My wife and I stayed a couple nights here during our tour of South East Asia hoping to catch a glimpse. However it wasn’t in the cards.  Instead we found this guy and his manhout (elephant driver). For a couple of bucks we rode him through the forest and found gibbons, monkeys, and foot long scorpions.  He loved to swim us across several rivers and would spray us with his trunk to cool off.  This guy would be great to travel on the I-5 in rush hour traffic.  If you are thinking of getting an elephant as your next mode of transportation  here is one bit of advice.  Don’t wear shorts when driving your elephant.  The hair on the top of it’s head are like the bristles of a broom and very irritating to say the least.

Have you ever ridden an elephant?  If so please leave a comment about the experience or better yet send us a photo.

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  1. I’ve ridden elephants several times, in Thailand. Both times were in Chiang Mai, but I may have ridden one in Kanchanaburi as well – that was a long time ago though. A couple years ago, my wife I went to an elephant camp near Chiang Mai and watched elephants play soccer, paint pictures, and then we rode one around for a bit. It was a great experience, except the Mahut (the master of the elephant) was a bit brutal, poking the elephant behind the ears with a metal hook. Maybe it is just my Western sensitivity, but it seemed a bit much.

    Your picture of this elephant is fantastic, and thinking of Thailand brings back great memories.

  2. Ahaha the bristles part made me laugh 😀 Wow, was his head really orange like that? You’ve led such an amazing life from what I can see from your work.

  3. Elephants are my favorite. “Nature’s great masterpeece…the only harmlesse great thing” – John Donne (Titled one of my blog posts after this quote.) and, yes, I rode an elephant at a company picnic. There was a carpet on his back, and a little railing strapped onto him so that the kiddies could hang on. I would prefer to see them in the wild, but I haven’t yet. Some day….

  4. yes!
    I have bored thousands of people with the story.
    It was a baby elephant in front of Roses dimestore.
    For $1 !!!
    I was about 8 years old ( 1972) . sorry no picture

    I also saw Hitlers car ,Bonnie and Clydes car and a frozen caveman there.
    I am pretty darn sure the elephant was real .
    Cant say about the other things.

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