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Avenue of the oaks


Avenue of the Oaks – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – Miles Smith

Nothing says southern better than oak trees, Spanish moss and sweet tea. Miles captures the avenue of the oaks at Boone Hall Plantation so well you feel like you could just take a stroll right into the photograph. All you need is a tall glass of sweet tea! This path reminds me a lot of the Tunnel of Trees we featured earlier this month http://www.photobotos.com/tunnel-of-trees/. Which one is your favorite?

Please read Miles account of this beautiful image below and then remember to visit his portfolio here http://500px.com/MilesSmithIII full of incredible images from around the U.S.A.


Enter Miles:

The Avenue of the Oaks is at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, SC just outside Charleston. The live oaks were planted in 1743 and are now massive and filled with Spanish moss. I had tried several different angles to get good lighting and thought this was the best with the moss and limbs being backlit. I processed the photo in Lightroom and added a vignette, did not add any sharpening so as to keep the feel more ethereal, and then finished it with a neutral density filter pulled up from the bottom of the picture because the road was still too hot. A great place to shoot!

I’ve been shooting now almost three years and love the whole experience of finding interesting sites with good light and working with the RAW image to process it so that the image evokes some kind of emotion (hopefully positive).

Camera: NIKON D800

Lens: 28-300 mm

Shutter Speed: 0.25 sec (1/4)

Aperture: f/22

ISO: 100

Focal length:210mm


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11 responses to Avenue of the Oaks – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – Miles Smith

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  1. I want to go to this place! Oh my God it looks amazing!

    Surabhi Grover
  2. The second picture I saw on this blog today that makes me think of an elvish fantasy realm. 😀

  3. BEAUTIFUL! A tree with deep roots.


  4. This look great

  5. That is such a beautiful peaceful looking place. Awesome photo

  6. What an amazing photo!

  7. My old stomping grounds! Lived in Mt. Pleasant for 4 years. Boone Plantation was recorded history. Love it….my heart is still in Charleston…

  8. Simple and brilliant… i really loved the natural dark borders and light at the middle… excellent composition… soft look of photo is simply making it magical … superb work


  9. I can almost smell and feel the life and humidity of the air.

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  11. Glorious.

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