Beautiful Woman with Horse – Novosibirsk City, Russia – Julia Popova   31 comments


31 responses to Beautiful Woman with Horse – Novosibirsk City, Russia – Julia Popova

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  1. Pretty.

  2. The title pretty much describes it all 🙂

  3. Would like to look like that when I’m with my horses!:)))))

  4. It’s a great photo that tells a great story

  5. Nice work. somebody knows how to work Photoshop far beyond my capabilities. I’d like to learn what you know, Julia.

    I do agree with the comment on featuring more average build folks.

  6. You have portrayed both beauty and emotions.

  7. That is absolutely amazing! love this photo

  8. Reminds me of hand drawn illustration in some fairy tale book. Counterintuitive by very appealing

  9. Wow. You received a range of comments on this one!! I personally think that it is an amazing image. I love how you bring a great new photographer to me everyday!

  10. Beauty at its finest…

  11. Dreamlike!

  12. O’ I like this….Beautiful pic.

  13. It used to be that every photograph you folks posted was simply amazing. I think I pinned nearly every one to Pinterest, but something has happened. I don’t know if it was because you went commercial or maybe just ran out of extraordinary photographers. The quality of your posts have dropped dramatically. You have gone from extraordinary to nice.

    • Hang in there Elija! Your favorite could be just around the corner. Plus if you know of a great photographer that should be featured please let us know. We would be more than happy to take a look. As for the commercial part being a stumbling block we will let you know when we break even on the site. This is a labor of love for both of us(we both have day jobs). If one day we could turn this website into a real business the viewer experience will only improve. We promise. We are trying our hardest and thanks for the continued support!

  14. It’s beautiful but I have to admit that as a rider, my first reaction was to break out in laughter thinking of going into the corral in that dress and what the horse would think if I showed up looking like this! 🙂

    • LOL! That was my reaction as well – look at the horse’s face! I guess as riders, we see a different side. It kind of looks like the girl was irritated with her companion and turned him into the horse. That being said, it’s a great display of photoshop skill

  15. gorgeous!

  16. I like this. I don’t think it’s cliche’ in the least. The setting, lighting and soft focus are quite fine.

  17. Oh wow!

  18. Absolutely stunning!

  19. Looks like something out of a story book

  20. Yucky tacky! but well done, of course. Pretty to look at. Images of women and horses are just so over the board… overused! (and am a woman and I love horses)

  21. Beautiful

  22. You can’t hardly miss with a horse, mist and a white flowing dress. Good composition and beautiful picture.

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  24. Nice shot, but I react immediately to your calling the woman “beautiful.” She is beautiful, but she is also very thin — she’s shrugging her shoulders, but I bet if they were straight, she’d look like a skeleton in a wedding dress. I challenge you to feature another beautiful woman — one shaped like most women are.

  25. A beautiful picture ! I am loving it!

  26. Wow, excellent. Has a medieval look. Nice!

  27. Very effective and beautiful. Definitely tells the story.

  28. enchanting!

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