How do you do? (British Red Squirrel) – Northumberland, England – Will Nicholls   21 comments


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How do you do? (British Red Squirrel) – Northumberland, England – Will Nicholls

Will is an amazing 17 year old nature photographer from Northumberland, England. Don’t let his age fool you. He has a remarkable portfolio that you can find here You can also “Like” him on Facebook and Twitter below

Enter Will:

For this shot, I used a Nikon 14mm f/2.8 lens and an ML-3 wireless remote release. The aim of this was to capture the popular British red squirrel from a more unique perspective, showing a different side to my photography.

I have spent many hours perfecting this technique, each time adjusting a setting just slightly to ensure the next session’s photographs are an improvement on the previous. After hours of failed attempts, simply because of the squirrel shifting out of the in-focus area, or light changing slightly; I achieved a selection of special images.

To get the shots, I placed my camera on a piece of wood to protect it from the damp ground, ensuring that it was close to the rock on which the squirrels would be appearing. The focus point was set manually beforehand, along with the aperture and shutter speed. From then on, it is just a case of timing and setting off the shutter at the right time from the hide!

Here a red squirrel reaches out its paw as if to shake your hand, asking “How Do You Do?”.

The squirrel is a mere 3 inches from the lens at the point – it is surprising that its breath does not fog up the lens!!


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21 responses to How do you do? (British Red Squirrel) – Northumberland, England – Will Nicholls

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  3. Hi there. Great picture! I live in Toronto, Canada, and earlier this year, my wife, Jean, and I were in Ireland where we came upon a Red Squirrel. They actually look somewhat like our Canadian Red Squirrels, but boy, do they have long ears! We were shocked to learn that Red squirrels in the U.K. and Ireland are contracting the pox virus from Grey Squirrels, and dying. We feel very lucky to have seen two Red squrrels in Ireland. We have posted some of our pictures and video for anyone interested at:

  4. Really nice !!

  5. Great shot – and so close up – but they are very quarries creatures when they are in the mood. Love the photo and I love Squirrels – they are so cheeky.

  6. Look at him, a natural redhead. So sweet.

  7. Look at him, a natural redhead. I love when you post an animal. Makes my day.

  8. I was chasing around a red squirrel with my telephoto lens a couple of days ago, and these critters are so unpredicatable ! So congratulations for working out such a cunning plan to make such a great shot !

  9. I love the perspective and detail.

  10. This is such a great picture! Love it! 🙂

  11. Wonderful image!

  12. ADORABLE! 🙂

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  14. Very cute critter; I love his colouring. It was wonderful that his tail was in such a perfect position for the shot!
    I’m surprised by the trees/background. I hadn’t imagined this type of flora in the UK. It looks more like the ‘scrub’ found in some areas of my homeland, Australia.

  15. The clowns and acrobats of the rodent world. Fun animals.

  16. Seems a cheeky chappy the red squirrel. Lovely photo.

  17. Very cute!

  18. What a great photo – so good to see a red squirrel, there are so few left in the UK.

  19. Aww!

  20. What a cute picture! This just made my morning very much brighter!

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