Brown Horse at Sunrise – Sugarloaf Mountain, CO   9 comments



Brown Horse at Sunrise – Sugarloaf Mountain, CO

I am sure there are a lot of horse people out there so this image is for you.  It is also for you if you only kind of like horses.  If you don’t like horses at all then just focus on the sunrise.  Everyone likes sunrises unless of course you are a vampire.  If you happen to be a vampire don’t feel left out.  I am sure I have some fruit bat images that I need to process.  So keep following.  Also if anyone can tell me what kind of horse this is then please let me know.  I would love to impress my aunt when I ask her how Brown Horse the “insert breed here” horse is doing.

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9 responses to Brown Horse at Sunrise – Sugarloaf Mountain, CO

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  1. I know what it is………’s a brown horse.
    Loving the blog and the concept behind it too.
    All the best

  2. Hi,

    Besides complimenting you both on what a beautiful, creative and different kind of website you have created I want to thank you for popping into my blog and pressing the “like” icon. Thank you and I will definitely keep checking yours for updates.

    Keep up the great work! It’s fun to have various pics everyday. One is amazed how much “life” can be projected from a camera. My mother is a photographer so I have learned a lot from her techniques. We use a CANON and are proud owners of two. Which brand do you have?

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you as well.

    // Elizabeth

  3. Beautiful image!

  4. I love it when the winter coat comes in on a horse. I remember the first time i saw my horse in the winter… I didn’t even recognize him 🙂

    Good job well done.

  5. you just want to reach out and feel it’s soft fur. (unless you are a vampire of course in which case…)
    I’m not by the way.

  6. great picture – but your writing/ description under it is the real winner. hope people stop to read as well as look

  7. This is amazing, I shared on FB. My mother is a horse advocate against abuse and killing of horses. she wants to open a horse food pantry.
    I have to say it is so beautiful, the horse looks as if it is glowing. My mom and dad are horse people ill see if they know what breed this is.

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