Bryce Canyon – Bryce National Park, UT   29 comments


Bryce Canyon – Bryce National Park, UT

Yeah, this picture looks pretty calm and relaxing, but it was anything quite the event to photograph.  First off it was about 4 degrees outside and the wind was whipping around 45 mph.  The gusts were blowing so hard drifts of snow were piling up at my feet.  I needed three shots (2,0,-2) for this HDR image and the tripod was shaking  on each gust.  It took me about 10 tries and a ton of weight on the tripod, but I finally got one that works.  This is what it is all about.  Thanks for stopping by.

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29 responses to Bryce Canyon – Bryce National Park, UT

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  3. Taking photographs like this seems similar to giving birth (based on what my female friends have told me) – it’s agonizing at the time but the rewards afterwards make it all worthwhile!
    That said, I’d definitely prefer to be standing at this beautiful place than lying on the hospital bed.
    Great shot – thanks for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous!

  5. Great capture. I’ve been to Bryce Canyon on several occasions, in both the winter and summer, and during the winter season is by far my favorite. Two years ago I did some snowshoeing on the rim.

    I’m sure you are familiar all of the common places around that area to visit, like Zion, Grand Canyon, etc, but if you’re ever in that area again, be sure to check out Escalante Grand Staircase, which is visited far less frequently and I would rank as my #1 favorite.

    I wish you luck with your travels

  6. Truly amazing! I want to go back there in the winter to get this shot, even if it means withstanding extreme cold weather. When we went in mid-July 2009 I was pretty cold and can’t imagine the chill of winter!

  7. We visited Bryce Canyon a year ago and were blown away by the beauty and the wanting to take a photo every five feet. I wondered what it would look like in winter. Thanks for taking the time to make this shot.

  8. Awesome! My wife and I are going to the Grand Canyon next month. Cant wait! Happy New Year!

  9. On a tour of the National Parks (Yellowstone to Grand Canyon) in 1995 this was definately my favourite. I need to go back to get some decent pictures because I only had a simple camera at the time.

  10. This is a fantastic shot!

  11. We all appreciate your hard work to capture a beautiful moment like that and share with others. This is an amazing work.

  12. i love the colors – oh so beautiful!

    Happy New Year David in Maine USA

  13. My family spent a few days there over a Thanksgiving holiday a few years ago. Amazing place! Your photo is beautiful.

  14. I love Bryce canyon and been there last Oct! The views are spectacular!! Beautiful!

  15. Looks like the hard work paid off, this is an incredible picture 🙂

  16. All of those Utah canyon areas are so difficult to capture, in terms of their grandeur. This one does it impressively.

  17. Love the colors. Nice pic….

  18. Bravo! your patience paid off!

  19. Reblogged this on Quieter Elephant and commented:
    I like learning new stuff. It reminds me I’m not dead yet. I loved the hues in this photo from Tom over at PhotoBotos, but being a bit of a photography neophyte, it never occurred to me that the image could never actually have been captured in a single exposure. Tom’s write up referred to HDR, and a quick trip to my favourite comfy chair over at Wikipedia filled in the rest. Yippee! New toys to play with when I go on a photo walk.

  20. Amazing photo!

  21. I’ve never been to Bryce Canyon when there’s snow – but from your description I’m glad it was you and not me. Looks like the photo was worth it though. Beautiful!

  22. Results are certainly worth the effort. thanks

  23. Until this fine photo, I never considered canyons as a winter place. The frosty white adds a new dimension to the subject and sparks my curiosity about how the same view looks in summer. Thanks for sharing the photo and the story behind it!

  24. I am pretty sure I got a shot from that exact spot but it was in May. I can imagine how cold and blustery your experience was. This is stunning…… beautiful.

  25. What wonderful work you’ve done here! This is a marvelous shot!

  26. I’m in awe every time I go to Bryce Canyon….never been there in the winter season, however. You did well. Keep up the good work. You are a photographer when you shoot under such conditions and get good results.

  27. 4 degrees? It’s 26 here in New York and I thought that was cold. It’s like Miami in comparison.



  28. Nice shot. I’ve been to Bryce a couple of times, once in the Spring when there was still snow in the shadows and once later in the year (a different year). It’s so fascinating to walk down amongst the hoodoos, as differentiated from observing them from above. I’ve done both, depending on the temperature. I’m hard-pressed to get out in 4-degree weather . . . anywhere, although it was probably near that when I took some pretty cool photos of the Grand Canyon, with clouds rising up from the bottom of the canyon. But the wind wasn’t there, nevertheless, it was sufficiently cold enough to cause to me get out, get it and get back in the car as fast as possible. You want to see something fantastic, go to Sedona, Arizona during the sunset. You wouldn’t believe the reds on the mountainsides unless you’ve seen it. You have to be a pretty good photographer to truly catch what it’s really like.

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