Building Wave – Central Coast, CA   28 comments




Building Wave  – Central Coast, CA

Anticipation is what keeps me going at just about everything.  I just can’t wait to see what is about to happen.  As a surfer, I love to look on the horizon, see an army of waves marching towards the beach, and wonder how they are going to break.  My favorite wave shots are when then are stacked up long before they reach the shore.  “Corduroy to the horizon!”  This is a rare photo for me of a nice wave because normally I would choose a board over a lens.  When it is 33 degrees outside your are a little more  likely to check it out before you go.  It is these little surf checks that allow me to snap a few shots before the inevitable session.  However, one parallel between surfing and photography is I have never been disappointed when I actually went surfing or took photographs.  So next time you are debating about either  “Just go do it, you won’t regret it.”

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28 responses to Building Wave – Central Coast, CA

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  1. truly thrilling photo I love it

  2. I love this…thank you for being out there doing it so I can get a glimpse…

  3. Breath taking photo, it takes a poetic eye to photograph nature. Nature itself is poetry.

  4. Love it!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! Fantastic photo – the angle of the horizon is like the curve of the world. Love your words – especially ‘Just go do it, you won’t regret it.’ That’ll be my mantra in this Chinese Year of the Water Dragon!

  6. You have a great eye:)

  7. Very interesting photo. I would never have thought to take a picture of this. Peace, Linda

  8. This is a beautiful photo. I love water photos!

    Did you consider turning the photo a bit, so the horizon looks truly horizontal? I tend to do that, because I feel water pictures with a lopsided horzion are slightly irritating. Then again, it means I loose a bit of the photo, which I usually regret.

  9. Beautiful pic. I’m getting tense just imaging paddling to catch it as it breaks…

  10. I love the texture of this photo!

  11. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post!

  12. this is a lovely image.
    love the parallel you’ve made between surfing and photography…

  13. beautiful, serene shot! I would have to agree with you on the surfing and shooting…I always have to ask myself, “Do I want to bring my board or camera or both???” sometimes it’s a tough call (at least for me), especially if you don’t want to leave any valuables in the car!

  14. Great shot and I really like the shades of it.

  15. Thanks for dropping by my blog..
    Birds of a feather..
    You have some great shots here!

  16. Cow-a-bong-a Dude! Maybe I’m showing my age. Great Photo…

  17. Thanks for visiting me! Wow great wave! I am reading a book about mermaid wisdom… and I can just imagine swimming below, rising, breaking water and viewing the great horizon ~J

    PS I take photos for fun. Just got to learn how to incorporate them with my writing. It’s the geek tech parts that trip me up. But I’m still having fun.

  18. gorgeous – movement, color and yes, anticipation! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Absolutely great shot. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Incredible shot. Light reflecting upon water is stunning, nuanced. It is one of best ways I know to both capture a moment and feel movement. Really, truly a great shot. Thank you for sharing and posting.

  21. Thank you for letting us see the world through your eyes. May I please use your photo for one of my morning reflections at If yes, please e-mail jpeg to me at I will credit your photo and point to your blog.

  22. This photo captures so much of how the ocean affects me. I love the lines and colors. Every part of it is pure harmony. Thank you.

  23. Color contrast is great!

  24. Excellent…..this a a really neat shot… it! 🙂

  25. What a different and fantastic photo — a new way for me to see waves, and I’ve lived near the ocean most of my life. Thank you for this!

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  27. Beautiful!

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