“Castle in the Sky” – Hohenzollern Castle, Germany – Robin Holler – Featured Photographer   147 comments




“Castle in the Sky” – Hohenzollern Castle, Germany – Robin Holler – Featured Photographer

Wow!  Is anyone else thinking “Jack and the Beanstalk”?  I had to do a double take to make sure this wasn’t altered, but it is 100% real.  A castle in the clouds just blows me away.  Please read Robin’s account of the experience below then make sure to see his world class portfolios of Europe and beyond.


Enter Robin:

The area is a low mountain range and known as the Swabian Alps in southern Germany.  In terms of geology this is the Swabian Jura, consisting of mostly limestone, which formed the seabed during the Jurassic period.  So the area is hilly and the northwestern border of the Swabian Jura forms a steep escarpment called the Albtrauf.  This photo was taken while standing on these limestone rocks of the Albtrauf and watching Hohenzollern Castle, which was built on an isolated mountain in front of the Albtrauf.

The point of view is called “Zeller Horn”.  The view is great from here, and the clouds below, filling the valley between the Albtrauf and the isolated mountain, seem spectacular.  It’s not very often, but on cold winter days with no wind you can see this beautiful phenomenon.  It’s called “temperature inversions”.  This means there are stable low hanging clouds and temperature rises with elevation.

 In January, I walked there without any idea what view to expect.  The great thing about this point of view is that you have to walk through the woods and you start watching the castle and landscape just by reaching the forest clearing.  I often come to this place, and I always like to be surprised what it looks like when the forest ends and the view opens.  There was one older man coming along and he was surprised as well, telling that he didn’t expect these clouds today as well.

It’s taken with an EOS 5D at 90 mm.  It’s a little special at least because it is taken with a special lens: TS-E 90.   And indeed I used tilt here (upwards),  just to try how it comes out if the woods in the lower right gets some unsharpness … but I had to choose a smaller aperture (f/5) to get the whole castle sharp.  But still you can take notice of the unsharpness in the foreground – because it’s still stronger visible, than it would have been at f/2.8 and usual/conventional focus without tilt.

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147 responses to “Castle in the Sky” – Hohenzollern Castle, Germany – Robin Holler – Featured Photographer

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  1. Marvellous shot!

  2. Enthralling image!

  3. Brings to mind Magritte’s painting ‘Castle in the Pyrenees’ or the scene in the film ‘Excalibur’ where Merlin makes a ‘cloud’ of dragon’s breath for Uther Pendragon to ride across between clifftop and castle to seduce the resident Queen and sire Arthur.

  4. gorgeous! does dr. evil live there?

  5. Love the pic.

  6. LOVE this pic…So dreamy!

  7. Amazing photo – it’s so surreal

  8. Gorgeous!

  9. Thanks for the ‘Like.’ LOVE the picture! Will be back to see more 🙂

    Victoria Nichols
  10. I love this, it looks like a fairtale illustration. Beautiful job!!!!

  11. Love liking my blog.this photo!!!!! Can’t wait to see more! Thanks for

  12. Thanks for the Like – LOVE this photo!

  13. Wow!! I rally mean WOW!!
    Truly inspiring photo for those who love to travel. Wish I had been there, too…

  14. that is an incredibly awesome photo indeed! (ps. thank you for following my blog. 🙂 _

  15. Incredible capture!

  16. Oh my! It doesn’t look real, like something out of a dream. If I visited there would I find unicorns & winged horses & fairies…

  17. wow great FOTO thaks for sharing. Thanks for your like.

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  19. Brilliant photography and great site concept. Thank you for visiting art rat cafe and your likes.

  20. Great photo!
    Thanks for liking my most recent post about the bamboo bike!

  21. Wow… so very beautiful. Amazing photo.

  22. Love you photo also.

    Thanks for liking mine.


  23. That is incredible!

  24. This is incredible. A couple of summers ago I worked on top of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. Sometimes the visitor center and store would be above the clouds just like this, it is a great experience, and this is an amazing picture.
    Images By Roxy
    Woman With A Pen
    A Picture a Day 2012

  25. Don’t know what happened to my last post.
    An amazing shot.

  26. What can be said that has not been said already.
    An artist with the camera as the paint brush.

  27. Beautiful!

  28. This is not only an amazing photograph. It preserves an amazing moment in real time. This is NOT Kafka;s “The Catstle” – it’s real; it’s grounded in reality itseld, and it’s lofty.

  29. Thanks for visiting one of my blogs. I am glad you enjoyed it.


  30. Absolutely Jack and the Beanstalk. It’s mystical.

  31. Awesome and amazing. Like something from a fairy tale.

  32. This feels magical… Reminds me of the Walt Disney castle.. haha..

  33. We lived in Germany for three years. It’s a magical place.

  34. Kinda jealous,…. wish it was my photo (andmy visit to that location on that day)…..

    I’ll keep serching, and thanks for the great post!

  35. I want to move there!

  36. That is spectacular!

  37. a story book photo. I love it!

  38. Amazing photo indeed! Simply Fascinating!

  39. Looks like Camelot from the television series “Merlin.”

  40. Beautiful! Great site. Thank you for sharing!

  41. This is amazing. Like a dream or fairytale. Thank you!!

  42. Such an awesome pic…this is the kind of image is on my bucket list!

  43. Superlative photos. Excellent site.

  44. This is just beautiful!

  45. Aren’t surprises like these absolutely wonderful?

  46. What a beautiful picture! I especially like it because of the “Zeller Horn” since Zeller is my last name.! 🙂 Also cool because my husband’s family came from Germany.

  47. This is just too amazing for words. Really!!

  48. lovely…

  49. very awesome love it! <3

  50. awsome !

  51. Magic! What a wonderful picture, the stuff dreams are made of 🙂

  52. Absolutely beautiful! Magical!

  53. This is an amazing picture. As a poet it’s very inspiring. Thank You. The Foureyed Poet

  54. Absolutely breathtaking. Fantastic photo!

  55. …………………………. s i m p l y …

  56. Great image! Looks like something out of a fairy tale (waiting for the dragons to come flying out of the mist – :-))

  57. Very Cool!

  58. Great work!

    chelyn's place of "Yes I Can"
  59. Have seen this castle but not like this. Great work.

  60. Spectacular!

  61. Looks amazing- just like something out of a Disney movie!

  62. This is so amazing! To see it in real life would be spectacular

  63. Magical!

  64. wow! truly beautiful! Just magical!

  65. Guten Tag! Stunning. I lived in Germany for 2 years and had the pleasure of seeing this castle in the clouds. You captured this more beautiful than I’ve ever seen. Great work!

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  67. WOW!

  68. wow – talk about a castle in the sky – superb

  69. This is breathtaking. Great work.

  70. Beautiful!! That looks like a must see this year…

  71. Awesome photo…..makes me want to go there!

  72. This is stunning! Thank you for shariing!

  73. I love photos that tell stories. This one tells an entire series. 🙂 Lovely work. Thanks for sharing!

  74. Beautiful picture!!

  75. It is absolutely breathtaking!

  76. Absolutely gorgeous!

  77. I can’t stop looking at it….. Its aboslutely BEAUTIFUL

  78. Wow tht looks like a magical fairytale type place where I would gave to rescue a princess

  79. That’s It !

  80. Nice blog

  81. Incredible! I think we’ve all taken trip there, at least in our minds.

  82. Beautiful

  83. Beautiful!

  84. Its really like a castle on the cloud….
    I love this picture…

  85. Amazing, there’s definitely a narrative in this image.

  86. Techically superb! Ann

  87. Like a fairytale! Just wonderful! Ann

  88. Wow! That is fantastic!

  89. Breath-taking!

  90. Beautiful!

  91. Talk about a mansion over the hilltop! Great shot!

  92. Wow, this is really beautiful. The contrast is striking!!!

  93. Fantastic! Such a miracle!!!

  94. You know you have one of those spooky beautiful moments where everything just seems so surreal? This photo drew that emotion out of me. One of these days, I’ll portray this place in my story. Thank you for the inspiration!

  95. Pure fantasy!

  96. Terrific image. Great job!

  97. It look like it is flying, pity the trees in the lower left are there. Nevertheless great photo

  98. what a great shot, well done

  99. I pinterest your castle photo and site and there were tons of likes

  100. Absolutely magical, so incredibly beautiful for words.

  101. Wow! My God its like a fairytale!

  102. Reminds me of Dracula. I’d really like to learn about the history of that castle. Frame worthy photo there!

  103. Superb post!

  104. Truly out of this world. Congratulations.

  105. Just beautiful, such a lovely moment you’ve captured Robin! Thanks to Photobotos for sharing!!

  106. This is amazing! Thanks for visiting and liking my posts!

  107. So freaking cool!!!

    And thank you for including the scientific explanation for the phenomenon. What a crazy world we live in!

  108. Pure Fantasy!

  109. Incredible magic and breathtaking photo!!!

  110. Absolutely breathtaking.

  111. Brigadoon! What an awesome photo. I am in constant amazement at how fantastic some of these photos are and at the talent that created them.

  112. Ohhhh! Likey!

  113. Wow, this is amazing! What a treasure you’ve found, this whole beautiful area.

  114. Amazing! Fairy tale like 🙂

  115. Wow, it’s outstanding!

  116. Fabulous! Ad its fabulous in person – I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago.

  117. Spectacular!

  118. Wow! What a unique and beautiful photo. Jay

  119. Absolutely fantastic photo of the Hohenzollern Burg in my home state Baden-Württemberg!

  120. Wow – pure magic!

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  122. Surreal. Just wonderful.

    Francis Michael Allcorn
  123. Looks like the Disney castle in my Colorforms set as a kid. Nice evoked memory.

  124. So romantic! Just wonderful!

  125. Magic

  126. This photo makes the castle look like it is floating in the sky.

  127. Thanks for sharing this – it makes my day! I have been to this castle when I still lived in Germany. Seeing it from this vantage point it is even more impressive!

  128. This looks like a fairytale I watched as a kid! Lovely.

  129. Incredible…and yes, where is the “like” button?

  130. The scope of work is amazing. I can see that castle view in a dream.

  131. Breathtaking…like something out of a fairytale.

  132. Wonderul Photograph………….reminds me of OZ

  133. This weather phenomena can be seen in many parts of Swabia. I used to live in the Hohenlohe region – near Schwaebisch Hall – where the clouds are just as low, enveloping the local hill-top cloister and fortifications just like the castle in this stunning photogrpah.

  134. hi
    I thank you for stopping by. I went to your site and you have one hell of an eye. I would like to use some of your photo, in my post. When I do I, will link to you and you should get a ping-back.

    I will have to keep you honest and check you site regularly, you never know when one of your photos will be appropriate for one of my post.

    Keep Smiling

  135. Splendid photo. It reminds me of Jack and the beanstalk as well. Gets me dreaming.

    Jeremy Gradney
  136. I soo love castles. Believe it or not, I had a blog once named castle in the sky. its my dream to visit one someday. 🙂 thank you for the beautiful picture.

  137. a beautiful castle on a cloud!

  138. The castle in the sky is beautiful. How this makes visable all that we have dreamed about. Beautiful photograph.

  139. How can that picture be real?

  140. Absolutely beautiful!

    Maddalena Sandos
  141. Hi,
    It really does look magical, what a beautiful photo. 🙂

  142. I love this so much – thank you for sharing

    Where is the “like” button?

  144. lovely

  145. I am speechless. Fairytale stuff.

  146. Wonderful photo …. so dreamy !

  147. Stunning capture, love it.

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