Cat Pillow, Dog Blanket – Tápiószőlős, Hungary – Szilvia Pap-Kutasi   40 comments




Cat Pillow, Dog Blanket – Tápiószőlős, Hungary – Szilvia Pap-Kutasi

Cute Factor Alert! Code “RED”! This cute dog and cute cat are in puppy love. Sometimes everyday life can bring the most special moments to photograph. Be ready when it does. Enough Said.


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Enter Szilvia:

One fall afternoon I was walking in the garden. When I saw them huddled together sleeping I immediately ran and got my camera to capture this moment.

Camera: Canon 350D
Lens: Canon 55-250mm IS
shutter speed: 1/500 sec
Aperture: f5,6
ISO: 200
Focal length: 232mm

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40 responses to Cat Pillow, Dog Blanket – Tápiószőlős, Hungary – Szilvia Pap-Kutasi

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  1. Friends in need, friends indeed ! Are they ? :)) Soooo sweet moment!

  2. it’s so cute.

  3. adorable

  4. too stink en cute:)

  5. How cute is that. I was actually raised with four fat cats!



  7. Just love your photos, will be visiting often, thanks for show casing these special images

  8. I want a dog just like that one in the photo.

  9. Delighted to share this via PIN!

  10. I really believe I saw the cats eyes open, as they do when dozing in this position.

  11. So sweet. 🙂

  12. I liked this so much that I reposted the pic on Fb. Take care and keep capturing these great images! xo

  13. Just precious! Great capture! xo

  14. Adorable! Love it!

  15. Love it!

  16. Too cute.

  17. This is SO adorable!!
    Beautiful capture, Szilvia.

  18. …speechless!

  19. Totally cute!

  20. this is by far my favorite. I am a cat lover!

  21. Ah, so cute. Lovely animals, wonderful photo.

  22. So cute!

  23. Love and happiness!

  24. domestic bliss

  25. Too precious! Love!

  26. Absolutely precious!

  27. Wow, it’s so wonderful to see such closeness… Beautiful!!

  28. Beautiful! Love when pets cuddle… reminds me of my beagle mix, Buddy. Except he was the pillow!

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  30. Awww… cute. But wait! It should be the cat on top!

  31. Got to smile:)

  32. awwwe so cute

  33. So cute and such a great shot ….. so cute it will make any heart melt. Especially mine.

  34. See, cats and dogs don’t always fight! Why do we as humans?

  35. Szilvia, I’m so glad you did… This pic is so gorgeous. Most pics of this kind feature the cat asleep on the dog. This pic is so cute in that the gorgeous pooch is nestling into the lighter cat…

  36. There is something so sweet about cats and dogs who get along like this! Too bad we humans can’t do the same.

  37. Oh my goodness ….best friends

  38. That’s true love!!

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  40. Love it!

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