“Cathedral Sunset” – Sedona, AZ – Michael Wilson – Featured Photographer   69 comments




“Cathedral Sunset” – Sedona, AZ – Michael Wilson – Featured Photographer

I have been to Sedona, AZ several times with my family and camera in tow.   Known for its red rocks, the scenery here does everything except disappoint.  Michael captures the landscape perfectly.  This photograph gives an entirely different perspective of Cathedral Rock from most other photographs of the area.  If you go back to this photo (click here) you can see exactly where Michael is photographing from up on the rock formation.  Once you have checked out both images then head on over http://Michael-Wilson.com  for some more great images of his home state.

Here is Michael:

I live in Prescott, AZ which is about an hour and a half drive from Sedona.  My wife and I drove to Sedona early one morning to take some sunrise photographs from the saddle on top of Cathedral Rock.  I hiked up the mountain to shoot the sunrise, but the clouds were not cooperating with me.  During the day in Sedona, the storm clouds were accumulating, so I went back again at sunset.  It started lightly raining on my climb up the mountain, so I found a rock overhang to hide under until closer to sunset.  When the sun was getting closer to peeking out from behind the clouds, I put some rain gear on my camera and started taking some shots.  The rain finally let up just before the sun appeared.  I took the protective cover off the camera and watched the sunlight spill out over the canyons below.  There were beautiful views toward and away from sunset at the time. However, this photo was my personal favorite. 

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69 responses to “Cathedral Sunset” – Sedona, AZ – Michael Wilson – Featured Photographer

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  1. Very beautiful …. Am so happy that your art of photography is a joy! The photographs are beautiful!

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  4. beautiful scene!

  5. I too, lived in AZ and spent some thrilling weekends camping in Sedona, it is perhaps my most precious place on earth and is the reason for my log in name – skyonfire!
    What a photo!!!!!! x
    PS thanks for stopping by my house, boys!

  6. What a shot!!! My parents winter in AZ and the color you’ve captured is “living color”!! Outstanding!!!

  7. That is a really great photo! It almost looks surreal.

  8. fantastic colour!

  9. Absolutely beautiful!

  10. this one took my breath away

  11. Having lived in Sedona for several years, I am fortunate to know first-hand how stunning this rock formation is. One of the most photographed in the country.

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  13. Stunning. Worthy of music and poetry.

  14. This photo is absolutely gorgeous! The colors are amazing! 🙂

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    This is great, love the colours

  16. amazing

  17. Fabulous!!

  18. Gorgeous. Perfect backdrop to shoot some models. 😉

  19. This is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve only driven through Arizona once when I moved back to TN from CA. That was a very long time ago, but I do remember the beauty of that state. I wish I had had more time on that cross country adventure because I’m sure I missed a lot of beautiful sights like this!

  20. Beautiful!

  21. This is a beautiful picture! Thanks for the like on my writing 🙂

  22. Beautiful. I’ve never been to the Southwest-I really need to explore!

  23. It’s so awesome, it’s unreal!!! 🙂

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    I wanted to share this cool photo with you all. It’s from the blog photobotos.com. Go follow them.

  25. Magnificent!! So wonderful photo!

  26. Wow. Simply, wow!

  27. What an extraordinary scene. Beautiful.

  28. I have got to travel out West and see some of this gorgeous scenery first hand. This is breathtaking!

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  30. I will definitely head on over to Micheal’s website. Thanks for the link. This image is just breathtaking.. wonderful.

  31. A wonderful picture. I have been there so it brought back memories for me.

  32. Views like this can make me religious – a magical photo.

  33. Travelled through Sedona on a 3week fly/drive trip about 20 years ago. What a fantastic area and this image just sums it up. Beautiful

  34. Oh how wonderful it would be to go to Arizona in the warmth abuot now. Dreaming of sunhsine as we have too much rain now in the Pacific Northwest.

  35. Spectacular.

  36. I was think about Arizona sunsets this very mourning, are you guys mind readers or what? Thanks for the image. Saved me a very long drive.

  37. uff..uff… what a shot!! Spectacular 🙂

  38. What could be more beautiful?

  39. I live in Phoenix & am bombarded with images of Sedona. It’s beautiful and every photographer wants to bring a piece of it home and share it with the world. You have managed to put a different look on a overly-photographed scene. Kudos.

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    Behold the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation after the judgment of a worldwide flood. My finite man cannot imagine the beauty and majesty of the glories of Christ that await us after the consummation of all things in the resurrection of that Day.

  41. Breathtaking! Nice shot!

  42. Wow – Amazing shot.

  43. I love Sedona. Beautiful picture!

  44. this is absolutely gorgeous!

  45. I also live in northern AZ near Prescott. Sedona’s red rocks are always gorgeous to see but this view of Cathedral Rock is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  46. Almost doesn’t look real it’s so beautifulo!!

  47. Really spectacular! I love the colors in Utah too – it’s like another planet.

  48. Stunning! Looking forward to visiting the grand Canyon this summer. Thank you for sharing.

  49. Amazing!!!

  50. Wow!! That’s a great shot! Beautiful 🙂

  51. Simply magical!

  52. This is beautiful i love it.

  53. Great capture!

  54. Splendid! Nature wonders!

  55. Majestic place and outstanding photograph.

  56. Oh, that’s awesome. I can sit here staring at that and feel I’m being held in a massive pair of hands. Don’t know how else to describe it. Two thumbs up to Michael. You folks running this blog certainly know how to find some fabulous photo artists. Nice one guys.

  57. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.

  58. That is a lovely picture. Magic of Nature!

  59. Wow. Stunning.

  60. another stunner.

  61. A stunning capture.

  62. Oh My! this touches on the Divine!

  63. Completely stunning. Magical timing.

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  65. Just beautiful. I love the colors and the angle of the photo. Thanks for sharing.

  66. I have a friend who returned from the states last year, she mentioned a place at Sedona called Snoopy Rock? The sunset is breathtaking 🙂

  67. Wow!

  68. I love how the sun looks like it is casting a light on the Cathedral Rocks. Beautiful.

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