Chums Waterproof Camera Float – Product Review



Chums Waterproof Camera Float

I just got back from swimming with the manatees in Crystal River, FL.   If you have never been it is quite spectacular and I highly recommend it.  I wasn’t going to have space for an underwater housing so I brought my little Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX1 (point and shoot with HD video).   It was awesome and I will review it in a later post, but I really want to talk about the cool little float I bought to keep it from sinking.  I would highly recommend purchasing a float for any point and shoot underwater camera.  These babies are small, but they sink really quickly.  Before the trip, I bought a banana yellow Chums Waterproof Camera Float that worked out great.  Chums is the company that makes the floating straps you put on your glasses when you are out on a boat.  First it was bright yellow so I could find my camera in the hotel, in the water, or on the boat very quickly.  The strap is very comfortable and goes around your wrist easily.  In the water, it allowed my camera to float at the surface as I passed it back and forth between my wife and I to take photos of the countless manatees and our snorkeling kids.  The float has a quick release mechanism to separate it from the camera when you don’t need it.  However, I just left it on the entire time so I didn’t lose it.  Overall I would say this would be great for anyone going on a cruise, to the beach, or even your backyard pool.  The manufacturer states that it is for cameras 7 oz. or smaller making it fine for most point and shoots.  My entire experience with the product was a week of snorkeling and pool time with no problems.

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