Creek Stop – San Louis Obispo, CA   26 comments




Creek Stop – San Louis Obispo, CA

This is my relaxed son sitting by the San Louis Obispo Creek looking for shorebirds.  I think he is getting past the stage of just following what Dad does and is now actually generally interested in knowing the names of everything around him.  He already found two night herons and a great blue heron before this stop.  A flock of coots also caused great excitement.  They always help remind me of the wonders in everyday life not to take them for granted. 

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26 responses to Creek Stop – San Louis Obispo, CA

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  2. This conjures up kind of a Tom Sawyer/ Huckleberry Finn daydream. Really nice shot!

  3. Excuse my mistake — you actually “liked” my armchair travel post! (too much coffee or not enough).

  4. In an age when many kids (and their parents) have become uncomfortable with actually being out in nature, this is fabulous to see. The photo itself has a marvelous, dreamy feel to it. Your son is acquiring qualities and learning skills right there that will set him apart in a very good way as he grows into a man.

    Thanks for “liking” my pre-digital photos of the Oregon coast. I am delighted to have discovered your photoblog.

  5. Nice atmosphere you have captured. Well done

  6. Thumbs up

  7. Thanks for liking my Photo a Day! I love your shots…still checking them out. The child by the creek is especially tugging ar my heartstrings!

  8. We can learn so much from children and from what they see

  9. Tuck these memories away. You will cherish them for many years.

  10. Love, love this coastal area…I love to see the missions…Did you you have a chance to go Farmers Market there…fantastic affair

  11. There’s always something to see if you take time to look. What a gift you are giving.

  12. Sweet!

  13. Nice photo, and memory.

  14. Great photo, and I love that area. A friend lives in Arroyo Grande.

  15. Hi,
    A lovely photo, and it does look very peaceful, you just have to love the natural beauty that is around us.

  16. I love this shot~feels like Winnie the Pooh and Tigger are about to bounce into the frame.

  17. This is a beautiful shot.
    I wanted to stop and thank you for visiting my site and leaving several bread crumbs. I’m looking forward to exploring all the wonderful images here.

  18. He looks so tiny compared to everything else, little boy, big world. Great shot.

  19. Beautiful picture, thank you.

    @Anonymous Nah, I disagree. Watching my nephews of 5 and 7 I know that this squat is one that they can keep up for an hour if there is anything to interest them nearby. They don’t sit down. Relaxation comes in many ways, particularly when you’re a kid. 🙂

  20. Wow I love this photo, wonderful as always. This one though made me think of my oldest son.

  21. Wonderful photo and it’s a great thing to teach our children about nature. My husband introduced our kids, when they were little, to backpacking, hiking and camping. As a result, they love the outdoors and we have many great memories; the outdoors is the best playground! 🙂

  22. I like the picture, but I see an incongruity to the written description. It appears from the picture that the boy will not be where he is very long. What makes me suggest this is his squat, perhaps to avoid the low branches of the tree. If he were as relaxed as many boys would be, he would sit directly on the ground with his legs arranged to stabilize him on the rising ground. I like the light, composition and point of the picture.

  23. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Would make a great card.


  24. A very good lesson, and a sweet, quiet shot — I feel more relaxed just looking at it!

  25. Beautiful shot..!! i like it.

  26. A great feeling of tranquillity in this picture – and I love the big old tree!

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