Crimson Rosella – Wilson’s Promontory, OZ   5 comments




Crimson Rosella – Wilson’s Promontory, OZ

My wife and I were in a hotel room packing up to return home from a three week trip in Australia when she looked at the airline tickets and realized we didn’t leave for another three days.  Although I am sure this sounds very strange, I assure you this is very normal in my household because plans are never set in stone and we (meaning my wife) are always on the go. Well with our “extra” three days of vacation we decided to go to Wilson’s Promontory which is the southernmost point of mainland Australia.  This place was surreal and reminded me a lot of Kangaroo Island with different animals.  We saw tons of kangaroos, emus, wombats, and colorful birds.  The Crimson Rosellas were like pigeons and would actually land on your head or arm if you were holding food.  It made you feel like a real life Dr. Doolittle.  This particular bird flew off my son’s stroller and into a tree where it posed nicely for a photograph.  After it was spooked by the flash it returned to a much safer place, my hat on top of my head.  Stay tuned for several other wildlife photos from this wonderful part of Australia.

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  1. Fantastic bird and a fantastic experience!

  2. That would be so cool if a bird like that could do that to me. It just went right on your hat after you flashed it with your camera. That bird looks a mix between an eclectus parrot and a macaw maybe.

  3. Did you get snuffled by a wombat? I have only been to the prom once despite being a Melbournite. I was utterly blown away by the tameness of the animals. How many bleedin’ wombats live there? We saw dozens of them! One came right up to me, sniffing the ground and seemingly unaware i was there, continued his snuffling over my feet and up my leg! He looked startled and ran away when I laughed!

  4. I do believe I was looking at this fella’s cousin out my window this morning : ) – lovely blog. I look forward to visiting often. x

  5. Its beautiful.

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