“Daphne” London, England – Patrick Nicholas – Guest Photographer   30 comments




“Daphne” London, England – Patrick Nicholas – Guest Photographer

Although photography is an art form, this is certainly the first post we have had where the lines between art and photography are blurred.  It is an honor to have a professional as good as Patrick to guest on our blog.  Please check out his amazing work at http://www.photonicholas.com/  His portfolios loosely based on historical art masterpieces are truly stunning.  DISCLAIMER:  Nudity is occasionally present in some of Patrick’s images on his website.

Here is the story of Daphne from Patrick…

This was taken back in ’94 with a Mamiya RB67 using Kodak Tri X black and white film and developed by myself.  Daphne has always been blue.  In the old darkroom days I toned the print with copper sulphate; now, I print digitally with pigment K3 inks on watercolor paper.  The tree part was made by a sculptor friend of mine with whom I collaborated with often.  I like to work with other artists if I can. Giorgio Bevignani made the tree out of mild steel and metal leaves.  I hung it from the eves of the studio and it was physically attached to the model’s hair – in fact, in the darkroom days, although I did my best to retouch the negative, you could make out the join especially in big prints – apart from that I haven’t done anything to it digitally. Only half of the frame is used, I chopped her off at the waist, so it’s just as well I used medium format.

At the time, I was very interested in Japanese art, Hokusai especially, and I set out to create a flat shadow-less image.

The model, Nadine, I used a lot in those days, she was in effect my muse; things came out of our collaboration together that wouldn’t, I feel sure, have happened with anyone else.  She has been my ubiquitous logo ever since she was molded in the studio and under the enlarger nearly 20 years ago.


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30 responses to “Daphne” London, England – Patrick Nicholas – Guest Photographer

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  9. stunning! I love when the lines of mediums are blurred.

  10. can feel the energy, wow.

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  22. Outstanding tree girls – mythological creature

  23. Great photo. Love the lighting and the blue cast to the image.


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  26. This is an interesting new direction – more please!

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