A Dog’s Life (Ordinary Day) – Poitiers, France – Ben JT   13 comments



Dog's Life


A Dog’s Life (Ordinary Day) - Poitiers, France – Ben JT

This photo made me laugh because it is sometimes how I feel as a dog owner. It makes you wonder who is in charge. The dog’s glare is perfect looking down his nose over his glasses. Well captured. To see who runs our little household you can check out Maverick HERE. Please read below to see how Ben Captured this image and then to see more of Ben’s creativity,

check out his amazing portfolio here on 500px : http://500px.com/benJT and then Like him on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/benJT.photographies By the way, we love the name Falkor for the dog!


Enter Ben:

I am a member of Strobi.fr, a Strobist collective (www.strobi.fr, English version available soon). The November theme for our monthly challenge was “A dog’s life”. I had a vision of a dog reading the paper, which naturally led to a human bringing him his slippers. To focus on the story, I designed a basic set consisting of a leather couch and a few accessories. I had never used animals as models, but Falkor is a docile and gentle dog, which helped a lot during the shoot!

I placed glasses on his nose, and directed his gaze using a biscuit – so that he would have the correct posture – while an assistant was holding the newspaper. This pose required a few shots. The human model was shot separately and added to the first image.

Lighting was achieved through one softbox above the dog, one naked flash towards the dog, another flash towards the human to add detail, and a flash with orange gel to warm the image. You will find more details in the ligthting schematic at http://www.strobi.fr/theme-15-vie-de-chien/ (tab “Le schéma lumières”)

Date taken: Nov 03, 2012

Location: Poitiers, France

Camera: Canon 450D

Lens: Canon 18-55 EFS

Shutter speed: 1/160

Aperture: f11

ISO: 100

Focal length: 27mm

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  2. A dog’s life? You wish, dog. More like a cat’s life. Dogs have owners, cats have staff. :D

  3. Brilliant! sharing it on FB! :D

  4. I like the warm, comfortable tone of the piece. And of course, the dog’s expression is golden!

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments :)
    I’m very happy and proud to have one of my pictures here !

  6. thanks! I am laughing and I needed that! absolutely great photo!

  7. I think this will be one of the most popular photos on this site. So cute!

  8. Brilliant and fun … thanks for this one.

  9. Since I’m crazy about dogs, I really love this one. Good shot anyway.

  10. Funny. Nice. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This picture brought a huge smile to my face!

  12. I suppose serving them would make us better humans!
    Great idea & shot!

  13. Very good!

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