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Endangered Species

Endangered species in the wild are always an excellent subject to photograph. By definition they are rare so they kind of have the built in WOW factor. However you need to make sure you don’t disturb them from their natural routines.  This is where a 400mm or larger lens comes into play.  I also like to slide on a 1.4 teleconverter for some extra length.  Send me an email if you know of some great places to find endemic or endangered species in your area.

Key Deer Buck–Big Pine Key, FL

When cruising down the keys of Florida down to Key West, be sure to stop by Big Pine Key, No Name Key, and a few others to catch a glimpse of one of the rarest deer in the world. The most recent count of this endemic deer species is less than 800 animals throughout the Keys. This is actually a success story compared to the 25 animals estimated to live in the wild in the 1950’s.  The Key Deer is a relative of the white tailed deer, but is noticeably smaller and many lack a strong fear of people.  The buck in the photo seems to be posing for the camera.  Although the deer is very much a wild animal I was actually photographing from a front yard of woman who was watering her flowers.  I asked her if I could come on her property to get a better angle and she allowed me to stay as long as I wanted.  This was southern hospitality at its finest. For more information on the Key Deer and its habitat check out www.fws.gov/nationalkeydeer/

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  1. Such sweet litte deer and a special area of the Keys. Make sure you find your way to No Name Pub if you get to this part of the world.

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