Feeding Bryde’s Whales – Bahia deLos Angeles, MX   9 comments




Feeding Bryde’s Whales – Bahia deLos Angeles, MX

Deep in the heart of Baja California is the magical Bahia deLos Angeles.  This small bay on the Sea of Cortez is a wonderful place to enjoy wildlife in a very wild and natural setting.  On this trip my friends and I drove down from San Diego to swim with the whale sharks during the warm month of July.  While we were there we came across a pair of Bryde’s whales lunge feeding on a large school of fish.   Just before the whales would come up the fish would boil at the surface in a very tight ball.  The splashing looked like a 10 foot diameter “upside down” rain storm.  The whales would then come up from the side and swallow the bait balls.  This happened for about 30 minutes until they had their fill.  During this time I got in the water and could see nothing but fish scales and dark water.  I got out very quickly when a whale surfaced about 10 feet away and I never saw it underwater.

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  1. This is an amazing shot. Thanks for visiting my site.

  2. Ah, photographing whales is difficult. I went to Iceland once and we went on a sea tour to view them. They’re such beautiful and majestic creatures.

  3. It must be the first ever I saw a picture showing the inside of the mouth.
    Amazing !

  4. Amazing photo. .

  5. What an amazing photo opportunity!!!

  6. Oh my…what a photo! There are even pelicans. Beautiful.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. This is a fantasy photo for me. You were so fortunate to be there.

  8. Good capture. It looks an effective feeding method. I’d rather be out of the water taking photographs than swimming, that’s for sure.

  9. I love the story.
    When I saw the picture with the birds I thought they must be lunge feeding. I have seen bass do the same thing but I was not scared for my life!
    Thanks for sharing!

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