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Lantern Festival


Festival of Lanterns – Chiang Mai, Thailand – Justin Ng

This is one of the most spectacular festival images we have ever seen. The Yi Peng lantern festival looks incredible and Justin Ng captures it as good as it gets. Each lantern seems to represent a tiny star lighting up the darkest night.  After reading his story below, I highly recommend you go to any of his following websites to see more of his work



Enter Justin:

It was my first trip to Chiang Mai to capture this jaw dropping Yi Peng Lantern Festival on 24 Nov 2012 and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy because thousands of lantern would be ascending quickly under low light condition.

Prior the event, I knew I had to use wide open aperture which was F2.8 in my case and so I set my len to the required hyperfocal distance just so I could get everything sharp.

During the event, a handful of lanterns were released near the venue and that helped me to determine the wind direction and approximate speed so I knew how much time I have to capture the essence of this festival. It’s only one minute in this case because of the strong wind and once the lanterns got smaller, the impact will be lost.

I also wanted the monks to be in my final picture and so I decided on a vantage point which was not accessible by the public. I waited patiently near my desired vantage point and once the lanterns were released, I went up to take a few quick shots while the monks were watching the magnificent sight in awe and I’m glad I nailed it with a kneeling monk.

Focal Length: 16mm
ISO: 1600
Aperture: 2.8
Shutter: 1/30
Manual Mode and Manual Focus

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26 responses to Festival of Lanterns – Chiang Mai, Thailand – Justin Ng

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  6. Lantern festivals are one of the most amazing moments in Asia culture. I will get my camera ready next year!

  7. Very cool shot Justin!

  8. Wow! This picture is magical. I really want to see this festival in Thailand but no opportunity yet to go.

  9. simply Amazingg!

  10. What an amazing environment!

  11. An amazing shot. Having released the odd lantern myself I noted how incredible it was that none of them have seemed to tip and catch fire in the strong wind.

  12. This is one of my top 5 things yet to do in my life…just breathtaking.

  13. Wow! This is like nothing I have ever seen before. Simply stunning.

  14. Stunning capture!

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  16. This beautiful picture made me think of my wonderful stepmom who was born in Thailand and spent much of her life in Chiang Mai. She would have greatly enjoyed this photo, too.

  17. I’ve not seen a picture like this before. Lovely!!

  18. Looks like some party. Red tie if you will.

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  20. This is a gorgeous shot!

  21. I have always imagined these festivals — with about 100 lanterns. This is amazing, and I will remember it!

  22. Oh my…what a picture! It’s hard for me to imagine this in actuality! I’ve been to Chiang Mai so it grabbed my attention right away.

  23. Wow, just wow! I know how those things work and it’s a miracle you got this shot. Spectacular. Love it.

  24. Beautiful shot – wish we had seen it in the flesh.

  25. This is awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing

  26. Fear not, Justin. You captured the moment!

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