“Frozen Capital” – Vilnius, Lithuania – Laimonas Ciunys – Featured Photographer   89 comments




“Frozen Capital” – Vilnius, Lithuania – Laimonas Ciunys – Featured Photographer

Yup! It is as cold as it looks.  I am curious to know how many people are reading this post and are thinking that this looks like a typical winter’s day.  Here in Southern California we are pretty wimpy when it comes to weather.  I don’t really care for anything under 60 degrees Fahrenheit and my brother Tom  in coastal Carolina complains about anything under 50 degrees.  What is your threshold?  In the meantime read the “chilling” story below and then be sure to check out the rest of Laimonas’s beautiful portfolio at  http://www.laimonofoto.lt .

Here is Laimonas:

This was a very cold winter morning in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. I went to work and I saw a beautiful vapor over river. I always have my camera with me and I decided to take few shots, but very quickly, because it was very cold  -25°C (-13 F) ! So I did a few quick shots and ran back to my warm car. When I published this photo to Internet I was pleasantly surprised about great the success!

Canon EOS 5 Mark II settings were:

Shutter speed – 1/400 sec

F-stop – 8

ISO 100

Focal Length – 140 mm

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89 responses to “Frozen Capital” – Vilnius, Lithuania – Laimonas Ciunys – Featured Photographer

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  1. I’m speechless

  2. It is a beautiful picture! I honestly thought it was a painting. Great work!

  3. This is so very beautiful ! A wonderful photo !
    I can relate to all that frost, I’m used to cold winters. When temperature reaches -18°C I won’t go cross-country skiing. I think my threshold would be -20°C !

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  6. Very Bilal-ish. Magnificent. And I hate wintertime!

  7. Wow nice shot, even if you did have to suffer in the cold to get it.

  8. amazing photograph. it looks like a painting. such quality that I feel the freezing cold.

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  10. This picture is so amazing it almost doesn’t look real. Amazing work!!

  11. For all that white, there sure is a lot of snow.

  12. Wow! This is a very nice photo. Without the modern building in the background on the left, and without having read the description, I first assumed it was out of a steampunk scenario, as it looks quite clear and unreal at the same time. Frozen reality.

  13. That is a very stunning photo! Up here in Western Canada we often get winter days at -25 C and usually a few days colder than -30 C. This winter’s been quite a bit warmer than usual and last winter was way too cold! I like the weather in Southern California much better! I love the look of frosty days and your photo captured it beautifully!

  14. Yup, like a typical winter’s day here in Estonia too, ofcourse we are almost like neighbours aswell :). Amazing photo!!

  15. I like the contrast between old and modern, nature’s trees and the industry in the background. It is almost black and white but not quite, it’s got a lovely soft golden-ochre touch to it. Cold; yes, but being in the United Kingdom we’re pretty hardy (though -25C is a bit much!).

  16. Absolutely amazing photo! And to think you took it at -13! I grew up in Iowa where that was common. Not so much anymore. As for tolerating cold – I say you can always put more clothes on, but you can only take so much off!
    Keep up the great work!

  17. That photo is amazing! I keep coming back to look at it.

  18. Now that is just lovely.

  19. amazing

  20. Wow! Gorgeous picture, I’m not to bad with cold but then again I live in the UK!

  21. Beautiful!!

  22. That looks just unreal.

  23. Beautiful and thanks for the technical details too 🙂

  24. Love the way you’ve processed this shot, absolutely stunning.

  25. Great picture. As for your question, there is a saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing. It certainly applies to the cold. There is nothing better than snow on the ground and a crisp -10 if you are properly dressed for it.

    • It’s true. However, I personnally can’t stand having all these clothes on me, various more or less irritating layers trying to find harmony. Summer fits my aesthetics but also my need to let my skin perspire freely 🙂

  26. Stunning!!! It’s like a frozen palace.

    Alaska Girl at Heart
  27. A stunning photo. The quality of light, and the delicate tracery of the bare trees, as other people have commented it reminds me of an oil painting, Turner was my first thought. Thanks for liking my blog too. Where I live we currently have around 38 degrees C, that’s about 100 Farenheit – rather a contrast.

  28. This is so beautiful that I thought it was a scene from a movie I had once scene. Very beautiful work!

  29. Beautiful photo!
    I recently did a post called ‘What -20 Degrees C Looks Like’, which is not an uncommon temperature here in Western Canada.

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    Now that is winter!
    If it weren’t for the skyscraper on the left, I would have guessed this was an old painting. Lovely job Laimonas!

  31. Gorgeous! If that sky scraper weren’t on the left side of the shot you would think it was taking a long time ago. It just has that old feel about it. Of course, there is always photoshop!

  32. Oh my this is amazing! I have never experienced cold like that (i’m from Jamaica) but i can imagine how quickly ths was taken …maaan…i thought for a second this was created with graphics software for a game…I love this!

  33. Beautiful and somewhat haunting. The scene it gorgeous but it’s all the touches of atmospheric noise that make the image.

  34. I’ve been there once, I remember that riverbank. Winter can be beautiful.

  35. Wow, what a beautiful photograph, everything is so clear, y0ou can feel how cold it is in that picture.

  36. Amazing photo!

  37. Chilingly alive… I’ve love to ski down the steps and onto the river.

  38. Stunning photo!

  39. That’s a purty picture. Makes me want to down a few shots of anti-freeze just to take the edge off. Aciu labai!

  40. So cold looking, and oh so very gorgeous!!!

  41. Lovely photo of a beautiful frozen city (it’s the coldest European winter in decades–I hope you came out unscathed). I had more than a passing interesting in photography when I was younger, and I appreciate your angles and how you conceptualized the picture. What can’t a camera do–with someone as talented as you behind the lens? Keep the beauty coming.

  42. Beautiful!
    I have just nominated you for the versatile blogger award- no pressure to take part; but if you do wish to know what it entails, just click my link http://wp.me/p1Pe8N-8l. Congrats either way and have a wonderful week ahead! Love, Sandy

  43. What a beautiful scene

  44. Another amazing picture.

  45. so pretty! it’s hot here, we never get snow, and i miss it!

  46. Wow, that looks cold. … Usually we have a few winter days like this but this season has been unseasonably mild. … Beautifully shot. Cheerz! Dorothy 🙂

  47. Caught the cold in that shot…beautiful…now where’s my coat! peace be

  48. I studied in Vilnius once during a seminar. This picture is very close to a Cafe I used to go to. What a beautiful city Vilnius is. As tave myliu Litaland.

  49. In my hometown of Gunnison, Colorado we had many days of winter like this — one of the coldest spots in the nation! I thought I had moved to a warmer place in Omaha, Nebraska — but we have these kinds of days also! The challenge will now be to see it as a beautiful photograph – like this one!

  50. Like the picture. I like the golden light. And as someone said, it does have something of the quality of a painting. 17th century Dutch landscapes.


  51. Beautiful!! I can’t take any less than 60 degrees faherinheight myself! Preferably 65-70. Haha.

  52. Very beautiful. A friend of mine just moved back to Lithuania from UK.

  53. Absolutely beautiful winter photo! I was born and raised in Florida and I’ve never gotten the chance to see snow. The coldest weather I’ve experienced was about 30 degrees Fahrenheit and that was cold for me!

  54. I love cold weather, unless there is wind then all bets are off! Of course I’ll take sunny and 75 in LA any day!

  55. A beautiful photo on a very cold day… Jay

  56. Beautiful!

  57. Great shot – love the curl of that smoke. I recently skied in -20C and that was plenty cold enough for me!

  58. Wow, very ethereal. Makes the end of my nose cold just looking at it. Lovely.

  59. Amazing picture! I could literally observe it all day!

  60. Beautiful… Enjoying the great variety of photos you are posting.
    Here in Muskoka, 2 hours north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada it is -12C this morning
    but dropping to -20 overnight….

  61. What a lovely picture of a lovely city! And yes, even though we lucked out this year here in New Jersey and stayed mostly above freezing, that’s exactly what winter normally looks like.

  62. Crazy beautiful!

  63. Beautiful. Winter photography while a bit more difficult is my favorite. It captures mod and light like nothing else.

  64. How I would love to paint that..!

  65. That is a really awesome photo. The snow capped arches on the dome building in the background is beautiful.

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  67. The picture looks almost unreal beautiful. Love the buildings in the background.

  68. As an artist i love painting what I see from pic like this but I know as an amature I would never capture the cold as seen here. Wonderful shot.


  69. Just when I was feeling Springlike! Great image though and good to see somewhere unusual.

  70. Wow! What a beautiful image!

  71. I love your site and nominated it for a Sunshine Award yesterday. Love all your articles and photos!

  72. Amazing freezing cold photo. Great composition, that smoke is beautiful, but I won’t think too much about what’s in the smoke….

  73. I love snow – it adds such beauty to any landscape. Great pic!

  74. Something happened to my image when I press the ‘Like’ button. Please don’t think I’m not tuning in. I am, every morning whether I comment or not.

    • Something is wrong when you click on your Gravatar also… it takes you to a search screen. We know that you are here though – you have been since the beginning!! We are just sad now we can’t see your smile!

  75. Very dramatic, a nice wintery scene. My tolerance for cold, well I’ve regularly been out shooting on mornings where the thermometer never gets above 0*F, as long as I’m properly prepared for it, it’s never too cold.

  76. it is alive!

  77. There’s so much movement in this photo – even from the stationary objects. Great photo. I can probably tolerate a reasonable amount if there is no wind. easiest fro me around 29 – 35 C

  78. It looks like a fairytale landscape, very beautiful.

  79. That is an awesome photo!

  80. You know when I saw this I thought it was a painting. Great photo.

  81. Brrrrrrrrrr! That looks SO cold! Wonderful picture.

  82. Hi,
    That is a terrific photo, I don’t know how you managed to get out of your car. I live in the tropics so there is no way I would be able to handle temps that low. 🙂
    The vapor over the water really adds to the picture, it was worth the effort to get the shot. 😀

  83. Amazing photo! There should be a story behind it.

  84. beautiful

  85. thats just lovely, and it looks refreshing from my side of the world where it is very hot and steamy at the moment.

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