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eagle vs. fox


Golden Eagle Attacking Fox – Bulgaria – Yves Adams

This is what Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) would look like in the animal world. Golden Eagle vs. Fox in a match to the death.  Place your bets! Spoiler Alert: (Don’t worry the outcome is not as grizzly as it sounds). Make sure you read Yves story below for the outcome.

Who would have ever guessed that Bulgaria was such a hot bed for wildlife photography? Check out Yves portfolio for proof and more stunning images

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Enter Yves:

This shot was taken in Bulgaria, during my preparation for a new destination for my nature photography workshops. I travelled all over Bulgaria and Greece with my local operator, and after we had been photographing stunning pelicans, woodpeckers, landscapes, geese and much more, we spent some days in a hide in the mountains for eagles and vultures. Vultures were extinct in Bulgaria some years ago, and the government had installed some feeding stations to help introduce the vultures again. This seemed to have been working well, because there were quite a lot of Griffon vultures visiting the feeding ground, where some bones and leftovers were offered to the birds. Of course, here in the mountains, we were also in the middle of the Golden eagle territory, and he became a daily visitor after a while, chasing the vultures away actually…It had been an exhausting week with temperatures at -20°C and short nights and long drives from one spot to the other, but I enjoyed it a lot! Downside is, you could easily lose your concentration when nothing is happening…While I was enjoying the Golden eagle, eating from the carrion (I already had been photographing it for the previous hour or so, so I had what I wanted), nothing exciting really happened anymore. The eagle was getting stuffed and the Ravens started to give up their harassing, when suddenly something reddish came over the ridge, behind the eagle, too unsharp for me to see through my low depth of field 600mm lens. But what happened then in the next seconds, was just automatic reaction; I saw the Golden eagle swooping up, and immediately started following the bird with my lens and started shooting away, and between the shutter-mirror ups, I could just witness what was happening: a red fox came down to the feeding station, to grab some meat, but the Golden eagle wasn’t really pleased with that and chased the poor fox away! Just seconds and tens of shots later, the eagle was back at his table, and nothing seemed to have happened! But I was eagerly glaring at my LCD screen, and could hardly hold my joy when I saw most of the shots were pin-sharp and both animals had great expressions! I was really lucky to had my complete set-up in the perfect settings, there could have been a thousand things that would have ruined my shots: my Wimberly could have been locked, my converter could have been attached, my ISO could have been to low (when trying to shoot some movements earlier on), the wrong camera could have been on the lens, I could have been drinking coffee at the moment,… But now everything was right; I had the Nikon D3s on the lens without a converter (I had been working with my D3x, D330s, sometimes with 1.4x and 2x converters, which all would have ruined my chances), my ISO was set on 400, and my aperture was full open at F4 and mode was on Aperture priority. Thanks to the snow I had all the light ànd speed I wanted. Although I was really happy with the shots, the day turned out to be quite long and cold in the evening…I was happy to stretch the legs when it finally got dark, and to put on the snowshoes, to start the long descend back to the car!

I had never been to Bulgaria, but after these experiences, I know I had been waiting too long to discover the beautiful country! That’s why I immediately booked some periods and will guide several trips next coming years! Everybody who wants to join me, is welcome to have a look at my photo tours website


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47 responses to Golden Eagle Attacking Fox – Bulgaria – Yves Adams

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  1. god bless you Man!

  2. Someone named Vincent Delobelle has posted a B&W version of this image on Google + claiming it as his work. Someone is lying about its authorship.

  3. Brilliant!

  4. Wow! That is a brilliant photo!! Eagles are magnificent!

  5. That is what I call perfect timming! Excellent job!

  6. Timing is truly everything.

  7. WHOA! I can’t believe how big the Eagle is compared to the fox! Amazing! Thank you!

  8. True drama.

  9. truly amazing!

  10. Absolutely fabulous! Stunning shot, it doesn’t get any better! [clap]

  11. Now that sure is a stunning visual.

  12. Exciting shot!

  13. This is quite a common sight in Sweden and piccies like this circulate in media! Anyway impressive!

  14. This is the side of nature I can’t handle. I know we all have to eat but…the poor fox. I mean he didn’t stand a chance did he?

    The picture though beautiful in its realism is quite chilling, to me anyway.

  15. Once again, nature and animals are showing their skills and their selves in a most natural setting. What an awesome photograph.

  16. Wow…. Glad you were in the right place at the right time … and that things turned out OK! Was happy to share this.

  17. That’s an incredible picture!! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Excellent shot! The motion and emotion, both, have been captured really well. Amazing level of detail too for a shot like this.

  19. OMG! That’s awesome!

  20. Fantastic shot. Your blog was this wondering wanderer’s pick of the day.

  21. Nothing like being prepared when luck strikes! Great shot. 🙂

  22. Oh, to capture that split second!

  23. Great capture

  24. What vivid color, and a most powerful subject@

  25. Oh my. What captured drama!

    Sue Bock

  26. Amazing picture, Yves!

  27. Leave that poor little fox alone!

  28. wow!

  29. I too am glad the fox was unharmed 😀

  30. what a perfect shot to paint

  31. Amazing shot, amazing story, too.

  32. Amazing shot yves. you’ve been at the right place at the right time.

  33. Kung fu eagle! I always root for the fox in these kinds of face-offs, but I can’t deny the dynamism of that bird’s pose. Incredible shot!

  34. Awesome … this a call an action picture – wonder who won ???? Wonderful.

  35. Yowza!

  36. Incredible shot…love the emotion on the fox…and the perfect calm on the eagle…what a moment. Well done.

  37. Amazing action, love this one.

  38. wow, great story and great shot, and yes, the expressions on the fox and esp the eagle!

    nice work, glad you got to get some rest later 😉

    best wishes!

  39. The eagle looks like he is posing for his kingdom. What a presence ! a once in a lifetime shot here. Kudos.

  40. Not only a great action shot, but great reflexes and instincts with the camera at hand. Locked on target and the perfect gear and lens for the settings. Great shooting.

  41. Animals sure have a way of teaching each other their place, and quickly! You were so fortunate to be there!!

  42. Amazing capture […glad the fox survived!]

  43. Stunning action shot. Brilliant capture!

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  45. You captured the emotion of the moment! Great shot.

  46. Oh Wow – what a chance

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