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The World of Mel Mann – Guest Photographer

Today’s guest photographer is Mel Mann from Omaha, Nebraska.  Mel has a passion for photographing the natural world and this is evident in his very clean photo gallery (  He also cranks out a very interesting blog to explain a lot of his artistic ideas at  We love today’s image because it shows so many ecological zones –  from the prairie to the snowcapped mountains.  To top it off, they are compressed in a two dimensional way that gives the feel of a master painter. 

Here is Mel…

This was made at Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado about 15 minutes before sunset in March.  The wind was blowing pretty strong, moving the clouds from left to right across the frame.  I was standing in the lee of my SUV to keep the tripod steady.  These are two medium format film slides (Velvia 50) stitched together in Photoshop CS5 with some adjustments in NIK Color Efex Pro.  This is a very interesting national park that is really off the beaten path but is very open to hikers and explorers, giving photographers a vast selection of perspectives.

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47 responses to Great Sand Dunes National Park – Mel Mann – Guest Photographer

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  1. Outstanding in its field!

  2. Oh I love Colorado! I visit Durango every year.

  3. Great Shot!

  4. Beautiful place, and beautiful photo 🙂

  5. God’s magnificent work captured at its finest!!!

  6. Wow…! How awe-inspiring nature really is… This photo is just wonderful.

  7. Hi!
    Thanks for visitng my blog today. You have some breathtaking photos. I am truly honored you liked my post. Hope I you can find some more stuff you like in the future. Take care and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  8. You’re the man. Everyone loves your beautiful landscape. Thank you for sharing. Frank Stotts

  9. Mel

    You’re the man. Everyone loves your landscape with good reason.
    Thank you for sharing. frank stotts

  10. I worked for a couple of months when I was young, at a motel in that area. Alamosa, Colorado. Beautiful summers, but long, cold winters. I was surprised when I read that the picture was taken in March. No Snow?!!! Must have been a drought year. Plenty of snow showing in the background on the Sangre De Christos though.

    Thanks for liking my blog.

  11. I love this place! Visited and photographed three years ago. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  13. Very cool perspective, makes me want to travel into the picture and explore more.

  14. Beautiful. Not more not less.

  15. I found your landscape image via a tweet. Love the photograph- really strong and visually interesting. Like your signature in the corner as well.

  16. Hey, I’m really pleased to hear from so many people about this image and thank Charlie and Tom for the opportunity to contribute to their site. What a great way to connect with other photographers and people who enjoy seeing images. All of us bloggers should invite guests to post on our sites to expand everyone’s presence.

  17. Are you crazy?! This is AMAZING!
    I’d love to visit in person..*scoops her mouth up off the ground*

  18. Beautiful!

  19. This is such a beautiful landscape!

  20. Wow! I want to go there! Amazing capture! The lighting is just perfect!!

  21. This is really amazing! 🙂

  22. awesome pic! amazing colours…

  23. This is absolutely a beautiful pictures and makes me thank God

  24. I want to step into this photo and explore this place! If an image makes me feel like this, it’s a success!

  25. One of my favorite places on Earth. Always set aside time [and a hidden snack] to have a solo picnic when I was regular on the road through that neck of the prairie. Used to swing through there on the way home every 2 weeks. Kept a nice little 6′ 2-weight fly rod and backpack waders in case I got lucky along the way and caught my lunch.

    But, Alamosa – South of the dunes – is one of the coldest places on the planet in the winter. Don’t miss that wind.

  26. Earth porn! I dig it!

  27. This mostly makes me wonder why I haven’t gotten into my car and started driving toward the Colorado border. This photo has the feel of the view out of Farmington New Mexico up to Southern Colorado with the San Juans looming with snow-covered peaks in front of you. The wide feel of the shot with it panorama just rips at my sensibilities and wants me to get in the car and go. Great photograph.

  28. Wow, fantastic photo. Plus I have to celebrate a fellow Omahan. I’m not there anymore, but it’s where most of my family lives.

  29. The grass in the foreground immediately made me think of “Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth. Not the look so much as the “feel”, if you know what I mean.

    Fantastic photograph!

  30. What a lovely reminder! I once was there — absolutely breathtakiing. Terrific shot!

  31. so beautiful!! reminds me somewhat of my home in Central Otago, NZ 🙂

  32. oh, WOW. I would loooooove to seen those dunes in person!

  33. Awesome!!!!

  34. remarkable view and excellent vision! keep shooting…

  35. lovely pic

  36. Beautiful! Would love to try go sand-surfing on these 🙂

  37. Crisp. Colorful. Saturated. Totally awesome!

  38. I want to touch each of those layers – very inviting. I clicked through to his gallery links – stunning work. His photos of the Palouse in eastern Washington are lovely.

  39. Fabulous to open the page and see such an inspiring, magnificent view.mThank you, Mel!

  40. Epic..

  41. The background part of the photo reminds me of our beautiful Sierra Nevada in Andalucia!

  42. I think it’s nice when you have guests. Shows great generosity on your part. Again, it always makes me want to throw stuff in a bag and head to Kennedy.


  43. Beautiful moment. Nature at its best.

  44. I love the four completely different textures in this photo. It’s like four layers. The smooth, soft blue sky, the jagged snow-capped mountains, the dark, softly-swirled dunes and then the spiky mustard-yellow grass. Lovely, and most unusual!

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