Grinnell Point (The Beacon) – Glacier National Park, Montana – Harry Lichtman   16 comments



Grindell Point


Grinnell Point (The Beacon)  – Glacier National Park, Montana – Harry Lichtman

This is one of those images where everything comes together to create something magical. Some call it being lucky, professional photographers call it being prepared and patient. That is how Harry Lichtman is able to create such amazing images so consistently. To see more equally amazing images check out Harry’s website here after reading his story below.

Enter Harry:

The morning of The Beacon started out pretty stormy and cloudy, which can be magical (in this case) or a real dud, as clouds block the sun and a dreary scene is the result. It can be hit or miss, which is why a photographer must consistently make the effort to be at a location and ready.  I feel I was rewarded for the dozens of early mornings I’ve had that produced no images.  I could see that the clouds were breaking up and that the lake was still, so my hopes were rising.  What is unusual about this shot is that the sun managed to find its way through clouds to illuminate Grinnell Point, but little else.  I couldn’t see the cloud break where the sun came from, but was sure glad it made it through.  Normally, I would have expected and hoped that the clouds and surrounding peaks would turn the same brilliant orange but that never happened.  The peak glowed for maybe a couple of minutes as the sun hit more and more of the peak, and then the sky fizzled to grey.  In the end, this is what makes the shot unique since the peak stands out from the rest of the landscape and becomes a real focal point.  Rain followed later that morning.


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16 responses to Grinnell Point (The Beacon) – Glacier National Park, Montana – Harry Lichtman

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  1. It is usually said: Right time on the right spot 🙂 Great image

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  3. Wow, gorgeous colors

  4. that can’t be real! looks like a mirror! great!

  5. Have only one word for this – unequalled!!!!!

  6. This is an absolute wow!! Made my morning

  7. Magical view

  8. Its beauty almost makes you forget about Global Warming. Almost.

  9. Great image..! Doesn’t look real. Nature sure is stunning…

  10. The counterpoint of orange against the coolness is interesting. I’d like to be there now.

  11. This is an absolutely amazing image Harry. Reinforces the value of a photographer having patience. Thank you.

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  14. Doesn’t “Lichtman” mean “Light Man”? If so, very appropriate this morning! 😀

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  16. Wow! Just “Wow!” The color of the peak against the rest of the picture is stunning and the reflections is beautiful.

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