Grotte di Castellana (Castellana Caves) – Bari, Apulia, Italy – Fabio Nodari   17 comments



Castellana Caves


Grotte di Castellana  (Castellana Caves) –  Bari, Apulia, Italy – Fabio Nodari

Today’s photographer, Fabio Nodari has what I call “The Eye”. You know when you go photographing with a friend who is an excellent photographer and they always seem to know where to point the camera (even on very mundane days) to get a great image.  For example, this image seems like he is all alone in some vast cave system, but really he is in a famous tourist attraction surrounded by people. Please read his story below and then visit one or both of his incredible portfolios below.


Enter Fabio:

Castellana Caves are one of the most amazing places I have ever seen..

The entrance is represented by an enormous vertical tunnel 60 meters-long. Only the main cave was known in the past and people believed that it was the entrance to Hell (I didn’t know Hell had so many entrances!!).

Once you get in, you realize how small you are. This place is immense.

It is always challenging to take original shots of famous spots. It’s not easy to find an original composition and places like this are almost always crowded. I wanted to transmit the idea of a remote and forgotten place. For this reason I opted for the black and white. The main difficulty was finding a moment when people were not in front of my lens. Since no tripods are allowed, I had to push my old Canon 450D up to 1600iso, hold my breath and push the shutter button. The result is the picture you see.

Camera Model: Canon 450D

Lens: Canon 10-22 @ 10mm

Aperture: f/3.5

Shutter speed: 1/25 sec

ISO: 1600


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17 responses to Grotte di Castellana (Castellana Caves) – Bari, Apulia, Italy – Fabio Nodari

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  2. Beautiful! 😀

  3. Stirring photo. Love black and white photography

  4. I have had a life long passion for caves. I don’t know exactly what it is except for the mystery and life that you may find there. It seems like nature’s outdoor home.

  5. You’re right, it feels like an isolated place. I’ve fallen into a cave, and the light points to the only way out. Mysterious and beautiful.

  6. This is a lovely shot, Fabio, and one of my favorite types of shots, too. I discovered caves years ago in Mexico, and I’ve been in love with their look, feel, and spirit ever since. Thank you for adding another to my collection!

  7. Thanks guys for your comments..

  8. cool shot

  9. The image has a religious quality about it.

  10. When a black-and-white photo hits the mark, it really hits the mark… but see what I did with it and where that playful tinkering led unexpectedly!

    Thanks for the marvelous photo itself and for the topographical serendipity it led to! 😀 If you have no objections, I’d like to use that pattern as the basis for a fictional topographical map.

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  13. Yet another great work you’ve presented. You can’t imagine how envious I am.

  14. I’m not surprised people thought this was the entrance to Hell. The photo reminds me of Gustave Doré’s illustrations for Paradise Lost.

  15. A prize winning photo! Outstanding!

  16. Dark and sad …. and still there is loads of hope through the light in the photo, I really like it.

  17. This composition is truly lovely, considering the description—having to take the photo with no tripod, waiting for people to move out of the frame and holding the breath in — I become most aware of my breathing only when I have to hold it in…so wow! great shot and effect too.

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