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Jumping Swimming Penguins


Jumping Penguins

“Flying Penguins” – Somewhere in Antarctica – Jim Mantock – Featured Photographer

Jim is like me! He loves to take photos of everything.  Jim is unlike me however because he has been to Antarctica and taken some really excellent shots of penguins.  Jealous indeed!  Technically this shot is very difficult to achieve and Jim illustrates how he did it very nicely below.  Remember to freeze fast action shoot at the highest shutter speed possible and boost your ISO to 400 or more.  After you finish reading below please check out Jim’s great photo blog at Photockie.wordpress.com .

Enter Jim:

This shot was taken in Antarctica from a two man kayak. I was fortunate enough to have a body builder as my “engine,” so we had no trouble keeping up with the penguins. There were several flocks of penguins, which were a blurred mess when they simultaneously leapt out of the water. Eventually a pair separated off, and that’s when we got these two.

Regarding technical details, I started using auto-focus, but these little guys were only out of the water for a half second or so. The auto-focus was going crazy shifting back and forth between the penguins and the water behind them, so I shifted my Nikon D700 to manual focus. The aperture was set to f11 to ensure plenty of depth of field for any focusing errors (aperture priority). The ISO was set to 400 to keep the shutter speed high. It was at 1/800 for this shot. High speed continuous shooting was used as well.


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45 responses to Jumping Penguins – Jim Mantock – Featured Photographer

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  1. Remarkable!

  2. So cute and crystal clear. They truly are in their element in the water.

    Sue Bock

  3. Wow! Great timing!

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  5. My thanks to Photobotos for this great honor!

  6. Never would I get such an amazing shot! Awesome!

  7. Brilliant work!

  8. What a gorgeous picture!

  9. Omg, such a great shot! Teach me!

  10. Great pic! Love it!

  11. So athletic! Great photo.
    Bella and DiDi

  12. Ooooooh!! Yippie! I love penguins.

    My seven year daughter: “Oh, I like them a lot. Actually, I am in love with that picture!”

    Hee hee

  13. Wow, great photo

  14. Perfect Pair!

  15. What a ‘clean’ shot! Penguins in a totally new perspective. Great timing, even with the continuous shooting mode.

  16. Amazing shutter speed!

  17. I told a photographer friend the other day that those of us who dont do photography miss out on lots. Here’s the proof.

  18. How wonderful to see these little guys having such fun after an obviously successful fishing trip – judging by their fat tummies! Thanks for sharing this great shot with us.

  19. Made me smile, too, and they look as though they’re inflated. One of the funniest pieces of video I ever saw was of penguins coming up out of the water onto the ice. It looked as if they were just shot smoothly out of the water…and then waddled away in the most comic fashion.

  20. Excellent shot — I can feel the motion!

  21. Wonderful.

  22. Definitely an amazing capture! Never seen any of them do this before. Wow.

  23. Go penguins!

  24. Can’t help my grinning!

  25. Brilliant – the penguins look full of fish and fun!

  26. O’ My too cute…

  27. Look at the detail and the water!

  28. Great shot. They are so cute. They look so cuddly, but I bet they’d nip with their beaks if you tried to get close!

  29. Love this photo!

  30. This fine gentoo penguin photo brings back memories from when I was in the Antarctic myself.

  31. one of my favorites!

  32. Awesome, can you imagine actually seeing this?!

  33. Great shot! Yes, makes me smile too.

  34. So beautiful and its so hot here i wish i could join them in thse cool blue waters…

  35. I love it!

  36. Had to show my little girls this one, they loved it 🙂

  37. Great! This is a beautifully thank you for this wonderful share photos with us !

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  39. Oh how FUN!

  40. Great shot. Love the expressions on their faces – so intense

  41. My favorite animal/bride of all .. spent 3 months in Antarctica – the are so adorable and so likeness us in our “stupid” behaviors. Stunning photo.

  42. Oh, I love it! What a creative shot! Are they really that fat or is it just the position of their bodies? Thanks for sharing.

  43. Penguins are a mystery of creation, they always make me smile! Great shot!

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