“Lady of the Deep” – Ras Mohammad National Park, Egypt – Jacques de Vos – Featured Photographer   77 comments




“Lady of the Deep” – Ras Mohammad National Park, Egypt – Jacques de Vos – Featured Photographer

When you think of Egypt you tend to think of pyramids and sand.  Lots of sand!  If someone asked me where this image was taken you could have given me 1,000 chances to guess and I would have needed at least 1,001 to guess Egypt.  After seeing Jacques award winning image below, I now think of Egypt as a place I need to go for diving and free diving as well.  Please read about his photoshoot below with the world record freediver Linda Paganelli and then check out his portfolio at  www.jdvos.com.  I recommend watching his video clips on free diving that explain the difficulties of the sport.

Take it away Jacques:

First off, thank you for the awesome privilege of hosting one of my images on photobotos.com

This image recently won gold in the ‘Superbowl’ of underwater photography competitions (Our World Underwater 2012)…

As with all of my other current underwater work this image was taken while Freediving, which means that it was done on a single breath without the use of SCUBA equipment.  The freediver in the shot is record Italian freediver Linda Paganelli (co-owner of Freedive Dahab), ascending in front of one of the caves in the Ras Mohammed National Park just south of Sharm el-Sheikh.

To take the shot I dived into the cave first and positioned myself at least 30 seconds before Linda came down in order to give me time to get the composition, exposure etc. just right.  The camera I used was a Canon 7D in an Ikelite housing through a Tokina 10-17mm lens.  Taken in Manual mode: f/7 at 1/125.  Although the colour version is almost as beautiful I opted for a monochrome version as it looked much more dramatic and it really provided a great atmosphere to the shot.

This cave when viewed from inside revealed the silhouette of lady from the Victorian era.  Look closely…it appears as if she is wearing a wide dress, a hat and has one arm on her hip (the other holding a purse)…not everyone sees it but its a nice little ‘extra’!

Ras Mohammad national park is considered to be one of the best dive locations in the world. It is situated at the southern most tip of the Sinai Peninsula, with the Gulf of Suez on the west and the Gulf of Aqaba to the east.

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  1. This photo has an incredible ability to capture the feeling- the awe and the slight fear that make this experience so amazing.

  2. oh my God! what a shot and what calculation of timing. excellent——-bravo

  3. A wonderful under place where nature is untouched and very few know of, Thanks to you and the photographers for sharing this remarkable photo with us.

  4. This is absolutely, awe-inspiringly gorgeous. It never would have occurred to me to put an underwater shot like that in black and white, but it seems color would only distract from the myriad shapes and textures this brings into focus. Absolutely stunning.

  5. fantastique photo,i wish you well!

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  7. Amazing!

  8. It looks like she is about to sit down.

  9. So stunningly beautiful!

  10. lovely

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  12. That looks awesome!

  13. De-licious capture! My god!

  14. one word…..WOW~!

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  16. Amazing!

  17. Wow. Great shot, excellent anticipation and creativity of what was possible in that settign.


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    Imagine yourself in a peaceful environment surrounded by warm comforting liquid.

  19. Great post! Thank you!

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  21. Wedding photography in Austin, Texas can result in beautiful artsy photographs. In Austin some places are complete desert with cactus, tumbleweeds, and dirt while just across town you have lush greenery, trees, and flowers. There are several locations that have bridges running over rivers.

  22. absolutely breathtaking – perfect composition

  23. Awesome shot!

  24. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award — 😀

  25. Amazing shot. Just “other worldly”

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    Many of you know that I was a deep sea diver for quite a number of years before the Lord called me into ministry. This photo, posted on PhotoBotos.com, appeals to the old US Navy diver in me.

  27. Amazing!

  28. This is so serene. Great work!

  29. Wow, simply stunning! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the like; will be stopping by your blog to see some more great photos.

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    Another side of Egypt…

  31. Great photo – just moved up learn to dive on my to do list.

  32. Looks like I am joining the party late. This is a compelling photo; just amazing. I would love to see this place

  33. This is a stunning picture, excellent work!

  34. Yes, it IS awesome! Beautiful, sublime….aahhhhhhh…..

  35. The black and white picture, the idea, the place are beautiful. Bravo!

  36. Thanks for sharing Jaques de Vos website, I truly enjoyed all the photos & video.

  37. Beautiful shapes and tones.

  38. Like yourself, I have trouble believing this picture was taken in Egypt. Really, Egypt? Wow . . . Sand, pyramids, and glowy, bronzed skinned people with jet black hair. Thank you for the picture; you’ve changed my perspective. 🙂

  39. That is such a fantastic picture!

  40. WOW WOW WOW!!!

  41. Wow.

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    This is a terrific website to follow.

  44. Thanks everyone for the amazing response and a massive thank you to Tom and Charlie of Photobotos,com for getting in touch and hosting me on such an awesome site!

  45. Simply beautiful…..

  46. This is so unreal!!! I love it!

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  48. What a pleasure to view your awesome pictures. CJ & TJ

  49. You are a fantastic photographer!

  50. Fantastic shot.

  51. Wow! Mermaids do exist 🙂

  52. Cool site! Thanks for liking my post.

  53. I’d love to say something intelligent, but all I can think is THIS IS *SO COOL.*

  54. really nice. checking it out again!

  55. Great tonal range, framed perfect, a photo in a photo! Great job..


  56. breathtaking!

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  58. Under the ground mimics above the ground in Egypt.Like swimming in kelp It’s like swimming through a forest

  59. Incredible shot, Very impressed with the composition. WELL DONE!!!!

  60. I love the layers in this image. It is gorgeous and all while holding your breath! Amazing 🙂

  61. Eerie, bizarre… and oh, so cool!

  62. Im now jealous. Thanks for another great pic.

  63. What an incredible shot! Thank you for sharing your guest photographer’s work. Congrats on the win!

  64. Eerie, yet peaceful.

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    Re-blogging thia photo because it is just beautiful! Diving is something I have been assured I am missing out on (because I am too much of a scaredy cat!) but think the beauty of this photo only emphasises how beautiful the deep blue sea is….

  66. Love how this shot just captures the serenity of the sea, really beautiful!

  67. This looks like something out of Star Trek: simply outstanding!

  68. Remarkable indeed, in several ways.

  69. I love this. Makes me want to watch the film ‘Splash’. . Amazing pictures all week; so impressive.


  70. What a wonderful shot!

  71. Almost sculpture like figure itself is stunning too.
    This image remains in my memory for the rest of my life.

  72. good, i think its the same that i she in color, booth goods

  73. I would ‘like’ this multiple times if I could. Outstanding!

  74. What a stunning picture! i love the fact that it is in B & W rather than colour and that one can just about make out the shadows of other divers just floating on the surface of the water likegiant birds of prey waiting for the free diver to come up again. thanks for sharing this pic with us and congrats on winning.

  75. Lovely photo.

    In many countries I’ve found far more beautiful places than advertised in brochures. In Spain they always advertise the coast to holidaymakers but the Spanish Pyrenees are beautiful.

  76. Hi,
    A stunning photo, you certainly deserved to win with this photo, well done.

  77. Awesome picture – and I can see the Victorian lady too – thanks!

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