Lake Carrowmore, Ireland – Dave Kennedy – Guest Photographer   56 comments


Lake Carrowmore, Ireland – Dave Kennedy – Guest Photographer

Today’s guest photographer is Dave Kennedy from Dublin, Ireland.  Dave runs a really beautiful photo blog called Visions of the Phoenix Park( .  He has a passion for trees, black and white photography, and film.  That’s right film!  Once you check out his amazing portfolio, I am sure you will want to dust off the old SLR film body and give it a go just like old times.   In the meantime, here is a taste of what you will see.  So grab a pint of Guinness and enjoy the image.

Take it away Dave!

This photo was taken in the west of Ireland in a region of north County Mayo called Carrowmore.  The lake is situated about 5km from the Atlantic coast.  It is a place of real beauty and calm, in fact I don’t think it’s physically possible to feel any kind of stress when you are here.  I have the pleasure of visiting this area at least 2 / 3 times a year, it’s somewhere I like to visit in both summer and winter just to see the difference in the landscape from season to season.  The photo was taken on a Canon Eos 20D using a Tamron 28 to 70 mm lens.  I brought the ISO on the camera down to 100 so the exposure could be lengthened a bit.  Thankfully the lake was completely still at the time.

Charlie Again!

I forgot to mention Dave also has an amazing Flickr site.  Below is one of my favorite images.

Dave is loaded with sites! Here are a couple more…

Dave’s Etsy Store –

Purchase Dave’s Prints Here –

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56 responses to Lake Carrowmore, Ireland – Dave Kennedy – Guest Photographer

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  1. Just wanna remark that you have a very nice site, I like the pattern it actually stands out.
  2. Nice texture, Dave. But then Mayo is that forgotten county where every turn in the road brings new delights. I spent a couple of summers out on Clare Island taking pictures of Inishturk, ‘Boffin and Clare … over 40 years ago but the magic still persists!

    • Wos Simon.
      That must have been truly amazing.
      I really do love Mayo, we always end up in the slightly northern part of it, simply because we have a friend with a house there, right on Carrowmore Lake itself. Thus I get to see a lot of Belmullet and the area around there. I particularly love Blacksod.
      Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.


  3. Reblogged this on MY BLOG ~.

  4. Reminds me of Lake Mead. I enjoy the empty flavor.

  5. Hi
    This is the type of photography that will always be superior.
    We like the contrasts in black and white.
    it’s a new look at nature
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  6. just wow. stunning long exposure.

  7. I love black and white photography…. Great shot!!! …I want to go to Ireland sooo bad!

  8. Awesome…i wish i can teleport my self there 😀

  9. Superb!

  10. absolutely breathtaking! Thank you!

  11. I am in awe…
    I have been wanting to go to Eire for a long time. No doubt, in part because of natiral beauty like this(and the call of my Irish roots).
    Thank you for thIs peaceful moment.

  12. Great post, I’ll be coming back to check out Your daily photos. Also thanks for the likes x

  13. Considering my wee Cavalier King Charles was born in Ireland – I can now see where she get’s her beauty from.

    Stunning photo and one in which makes one wish to be there.

  14. I’m just visit your blog and I feel amaze with your picture. Never see It seems alive and real.. Amazing

  15. Thanks for the “like”. Your site is cool!

  16. what a beautifully serene place….the BW adds a great eerie component to the calm!

  17. Looks like somewhere to bring a fly rod as well as a camera.

  18. I love that we get to see photos from so many places around the world.

  19. Thanks for the like today on Live Healthy, Look Healthy “How Brushing my Teeth Inspired Daily Fitness!” I’m really impressed by these amazing photos, so now you’ve got another new fan!

  20. What a fantastic image. Would love to go there.

  21. I have always wanted to travel to Ireland and here’s one more reason why I should!

  22. stunning and serene. thanks for sharing your photo and your tips.

  23. Absolutely beautiful!

  24. surreal

  25. Looks magical. Black and white does it justice

  26. An amazing photo it is! I love black and white. Thanks for the LA Jolla harbor seal post. I swam with those guys for 14 years!

  27. Thank you so much everybody for your kind words about my photo.
    A big thanks to Charlie and Tom for showcasing my work, a big big thanks also for their kind and encouraging words about my work.

    I am truly humbled.

    Dave Kennedy

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  29. Stunning! I was just in Ireland and it’s gorgeous, this is totally breathtaking!

  30. Love this. The lake looks like glass!

  31. It’s really beautiful, I love the clouds circling the mountains. Another photographer I can learn from, thanks for this!

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