Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada – Sean Howard – Guest Photographer   50 comments




Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada – Sean Howard – Guest Photographer

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This is what I picture the world looking like before the first amphibian made his ground breaking trek out of the sea.  Sky, Water, and Rock is about as simple as it can get.  The blues are very calming, so if you are having a stressful day then take a moment, relax, and take a few deep breathes and lose yourself in Lake Ontario. Afterwards, check out Sean’s website

Here’s Sean:

My friend Eric and I run a podcast where we talk about purpose, passion and getting $h*t done –  The week I took this photo we had just completed two interviews that changed how I think about my work and my hobbies (in a good way).  As I headed out on this particular day, I wanted to see what would happen if I approached photography in a more disciplined way while also letting go of as many expectations as I could.  I also wanted to slow down and just sit with the process more.  So I chose to do some long exposure work.  I opted to bring my Zeiss 21mm f2.8 distagon lens with my filter kit.  The photo in question is using a 10ND filter as well as a .6ND soft gradient to bring the sky down slightly.

The location is the Leslie Street Spit in Toronto.  It is a manmade peninsula where they bring truckloads of concrete and rebar from demolitions. It is still actively being built but on weekends they open it up to the public.  I love this location as it’s easy to disappear there and not run into any people. I also find it fascinating that it is a giant construction junkyard on one hand and a nature preserve on the other.  Only in Canada.  🙂

What I really love about long exposure work is how the photo slowly reveals itself to me.  It’s a game of inches with a lot of waiting.  I start an exposure and then ten minutes later it flashes onto the screen and I have this immediate response – the camera needs to tilt up slightly, or the image needs a bit more light.  I can’t see what I’m doing because of the 10ND filter (the viewfinder is completely black) so I adjust things “blindly” by a tiny amount and then start the process over again.

Processing was pretty minimal.  Some tweaking of levels but mostly just global parameters.  I spent a lot of time trying to get this one “in camera” and was pretty happy with the results.

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50 responses to Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada – Sean Howard – Guest Photographer

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  1. amazing

  2. Beautiful thanks!

  3. Blue is my favourite color and I love the way it makes me feel; peaceful and calm.

    Amazing photo!


  4. I don’t know the first thing about photography, “but I know what I like” (grin). This is stunning – transporting – calming and exciting both at the same time. WOW! Thank you.

    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, SCAC, MCC – (blogging at ADDandSoMuchMore and on ADDerWorld – dot com!)
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

  5. My backyard! NICE!

  6. Wow, can’t believe it’s Lake Ontario! Goes to show that there is still more to discover in this province, even though I’ve lived here for 18 years.

  7. Moody yet relaxing. Thanks for taking the time to get it the way you wanted and sharing with us all.

  8. Ansolutely stunning shot!

  9. What a breathtaking, mystical picture! Love it!

  10. Very special! I love fog, specially when it looks here and there giving the lanscape this aura of soothing calmness!! Beautiful!:D

  11. Tom (or is it Charlie? Tom, probably, I’m guessing), thanks for the Like on my post about our local CoffeeHouse-Bookstore. Your photos continue to amaze. I look forward to the next and the next.

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  13. Beautiful!

  14. LOVELY! Truely lovely.

  15. Cool pix! I just thought of sleepy hollow for some reason though. I didn’t need to sleep tonight anyways.

  16. Thanks everyone for the nice feedback and comments!

  17. You are right, this is so relaxing, I can imagine that’s how it was before everything,. Beautiful shot

  18. Eerie – the blues are soothing, yes, but overall it looks as if the world is drowning in that bluish mist. I don’t find it calming, but it’s very evocative.

  19. You’re right, the blue is very calming.

  20. The fog in this photo just makes it even more exciting to look at. I absolutely love this photo

  21. Certainly atmospheric and technically impressive, but it doesn’t ‘speak’ to me personally.

  22. Love it!

  23. Magical and mysterious. I love the simplicity.

  24. Well it’s not exactly Sandy Lake in Buckhorn but Lake Ontario has its own appeal!

  25. That’s an amazing photo!

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  27. Looks like a finger is pointing up out of the mist. Neptune’s hand just below the surface?

  28. Haunting…

  29. Just stunning!

  30. Gorgeous! Spectacular! Love the color, all so soft, even for rocks.

  31. It’s a really hypnotic photo. Just beautiful.

  32. Beautiful! It does look very primeval.

  33. Awesome photos, each day! LOVE! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Love this! Such wonderful mystery.

  35. Awesome photo …. it has the whole meaning of inner peace in it.

  36. gorgeous. Wonderful site.

  37. I love anything blue so he has my vote. Again it’s such a nice practice to let others show on your site. Very generous of you fellas.


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  39. Beautiful 🙂

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  41. This one has a super mystical quality -love it x

  42. Great photo. Sounds like a wacky place

  43. Beautiful.


  44. dreamy!!

  45. Stunningly beautiful!! Wow!!

  46. This one is fantastic! love it!

  47. Amazing shot!!!!!!!!I love it!!!!!!!!

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