“Late Afternoon on the Moorland” – Peak District, United Kingdom – Les Wilcockson – Featured Photographer   43 comments




“Late Afternoon on the Moorland” – Peak District, United Kingdom – Les Wilcockson – Featured Photographer

Moorlands have always seemed like a mysterious place to me.  Maybe it is from reading too much English literature in high school and college. A common theme seems to be spirits and marauders frequent them when the sun goes down. If you are willing to brave the elements and underworld you can head out around Derbyshire with Les and capture some fantastic scenery shots and, who knows, maybe a floating orb or ghostly apparition.  To see more of the haunting beauty of England and beyond please check out Les’s website  www.photographyandlight.com or follow his WordPress bog at http://leswilcockson.wordpress.com

Here is Les:

The Peak District, UK, has a wonderful horseshoe edge of Gritstone that includes a superb stretch around Derbyshire known as Curbar Edge. This photograph was taken early evening on a very cold January day this year on Curbar Edge looking out towards Frogatt Edge. In the very far distance Winn Hill can be seen on the left.

Alongside my commercial work I also run photography training courses and on this day we had called at this location with the intention of capturing the setting winter sun.  I’m fortunate to live within a short distance of this location and although I’d been here on numerous other occasions, on this particular day the light was wonderful.

Although I consider myself mainly a black and white photographer, on this occasion I decided to experiment with HDR and color.  Using a very solid tripod I shot five images of differing exposures which I then imported into Aperture 3 and from there I processed them using Photomatix HDR software.

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43 responses to “Late Afternoon on the Moorland” – Peak District, United Kingdom – Les Wilcockson – Featured Photographer

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  1. The Peaks are close to where I live – this is a stunning photograph 🙂

  2. I come from just south of the Peak district, and have walked along those hills many times and, if it’s possible, they are even more beautiful than in this lovely photo. Read “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte, go and stroll amongst the granite, and see if you can spot the inspiration for her superlative novel. Thanks so much for putting this photo up – more please!

  3. Your posted photograph are so colorful with great subjects…thanks for sharing. Good to have you visit and thanks for the “like”.

  4. wow! Your photos are absoluetly amazing! I’ve had a desire to pick up photography for quite some time and I’ve always held a picture similar to this in my minds eye about what I hope to create. Hmmmmm… maybe this is a sign that it’s time to pick up my long held dream. 🙂


  5. WOW! My favorite since I’ve been folowing. Of course, I have to admit I love all things pertaining to the highlands , the moors and the UK in general. I plan to go there someday, whether to live or extended travel. I love all things Scot and Celtic and this is just another example of the beauty of that land! Thak you for posting this today – as I’m embarking on my own journey and I’m a little apprehensive. Thanks!!

  6. very beautiful and interesting as my own blog in french language.
    all the best!

  7. Absolutely beautiful. I agree with Marc. Perfect description.

  8. Wow! The colors are amazing!

  9. Just look at that sky.. so stunning. I can stare at this photo all day long and not get tired of it

  10. The colors in this are just dreamy. The perspective is as though you are standing right there, getting lost in the scene. Nicely done!

  11. Lovely!

  12. Reblogged this on Stephanie Abbott's Blog and commented:
    Wish I were there right now…

  13. Thank you Photobotos for your continuing readership of 3Di and your ‘likes’. We’re looking forward to catching up with your excellent posts and photos now that we’re back from our trip to Japan. GF

  14. very stunning photo!:-)

  15. Beautiful place, great photo!

  16. I love the colors!

  17. I REALLY look forward to these pictures every day! Thank you!

  18. We want to go for a long run here!
    Bella and DiDi

  19. Looks as lovely as Dartmoor where I live x

  20. So beautiful! I’d love for you to come and enter one of our photo contests some time and bring your friends! Here’s a link to a post about the last winning photos: http://dslrfairytale.com/2012/03/07/favorite-fairytale-photos-contest-winners-from-janfeb/#comments

  21. Love it!

  22. Beautiful photo:)

  23. Thanks for liking my post!

  24. Great Picture

    Thank you

  25. Absolutely love the motion of clouds in the sky and the textures on the rocks great stuff

  26. Love the moors! What beautiful colours.

  27. Wow I gotta travel 🙂

  28. Reminds me of a wonderfully dark, tempestuous scene where a novel would definitely take place. Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, all would have my vote…

  29. Stunning photo – intense colors … been to the Moorland, but it has never looked this beautiful – grey and wet normally.

  30. You said the “Moorlands have always seemed like a mysterious place…” To me I feel isolation and aloneness when I see this photo. The sweeping visual of the landscape with the close, overcast sky – wow, I’m so small. And I love the rocks: marred, cracked, weather-beaten, supporting new life with the plants growing on and in them. Thanks for stopping by my Post and for posting this beautiful photo!

  31. Has a Stonehenge feeling to it. By the way, that V is me in the like column in case I didn’t mention sooner.

  32. Great colors! Very much want to visit England. In terms of geology, England is a fascinating place!

  33. Everything on that photo is really nice!

  34. I have never seen a rainbow of colors … nature is always surprises me..

  35. Beautiful and evocative. Makes me want to return.

  36. awesome picture,
    Moorlands are an endless source for photographs… It stays beautiful whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter…

  37. I wish I was there right now.

  38. I love this picture. The colours are beautiful. I am going to try to paint it today and blog the results later.wonderful!

  39. what a fabulous picture, makes me just want to go there when the weather is a tad warmer.

  40. Exactly what I anticipated, given the title, only way better! Another great shot!

  41. Not quite Scotland I gather (sorry, I don’t know UK geography all that well), but this reminds me of a statement that a native of Scotland made to an American friend while visiting there: “Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world… WHEN the sun is out!” 🙂 I reposted this to my blog.

  42. Reblogged this on The Chronicles of Johanan Rakkav and commented:
    Now I know why a Scotsman told a visiting friend: “Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world… WHEN the sun is out!” 😀

  43. The Knights of the Round Table, The Knights Templar or the Christian Crusades could have taken place here, it has that medieval (or, as Victoria Gotti would say, “mid-evil”) look to it where you could easily picture knights in shining armor charging each other on war horses!

    Another great picture in an album full of them!

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