Monument Valley Panorama – Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, UT   33 comments




Monument Valley Panorama – Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, UT

Could this look anymore in the middle of the great western frontier?  I mean wide open sky, desert for miles, really cool mesas.  This certainly doesn’t remind me of being shot from a parking lot next to an amazing hotel (although it was).  Well, in fact, this could have been my view from the hotel room except I stayed a little to the left and there were a few boulders in the way.  I drove down the dirt road for miles and this was still the best vista.  I shot this is three separate frames and then photo stitched them together in Photoshop CS4.  It was really quite easy and I think it came out pretty well.

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33 responses to Monument Valley Panorama – Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, UT

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  1. your photos are amazing.. its like i am there! thanks for sharing!

  2. We stayed at a place called Goulding’s Lodge near Monument Valley. Were you standing in their parking lot? I don’t remember them having a view this good.

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  4. To see this, even without the snow, is one of my ambitions. Cool.

  5. Brrr… It looks so cold and other worldly!

  6. Always loved Monument Valley. Haven’t been there since I moved into so-called civilization. My first few years in the Southwest – living and working in the Navajo Nation were an exercise in rediscovering clean air and open spaces.

  7. It’s the first time I see snow at this place… Well done!

  8. Beautiful scene that I would like to see first hand someday… love the snow you got too!

    David Patterson
  9. Absolutely beautiful!

  10. I’ve never seen anything like this. Loving it! Beautiful colours, a moment well captured!

  11. I am enjoying my daily dose of your photos. I’m working on working up my camera skills and strategies so I appreciate the information you provide on that front eg camera settings and software.

  12. Love the picture. I’m a struggling photographer trying to take photos for my fishing blog

  13. I would love to explore that area. Thanks for the photo.

  14. There’s something about red rock and snow…incredible shot. Thank you.

  15. P.S. How did you get the 5-star voting thing to follow your title? Thanks.

  16. Really nice shot . . . and a nice job of stitching, too.

  17. Awesome shot! This should go in my “I wish I was there” category 😛

  18. Amazing!

  19. Wow, all of your photos amaze me! What a great collection.

  20. Amazing photograph of beautiful scenery

  21. I love the way you captured the light on the rocks. I’ve seen many photos of Monument Valley, and have been there myself but I think this is one of the best.

  22. Hi,
    An amazing photo, the different colours are unreal. Very nice indeed.

  23. This is fabulous. One of my favorite shots of 2011 was taken from the parking lot of a grocery but was of a mountain in the distance at sunset. Love this shot and how you put it together.

  24. Once before, this kind of photography was only done by a large 10″x8″ camera, and the pains taking
    Dye-transfer retouching using highlight-mask etc. —— and now, stitching small SLR photos
    (effectively making 100 Mega Pixel image) and tinker Dynamic Range = Job done !
    No wonder, such as Hasselbrad camera having hard time.

  25. I love photography and enjoy doing nature photography too. Great site and beautiful photos!

  26. I like so many things about this photo/ the sky, the snow on the desert and the lights and shadows. Very beautiful!!

  27. I love the view, it is one area that I would love to visit oneday, thanks for sharing it with us!. Thanks for visiting my blog, and clicking the like button, I would not have found you otherwise! love your blog and lookfoward to updates!

  28. Who would of thought that a hotel was near that?! Well done!
    Behind a great picture is very often an equally great story.

  29. I know exactly where the photographer is standing, too. There’s that very large rock just to the side of the cultural center, that if you stand on it you get this view. My photo from that spot is considerably less impressive.

  30. You know boys, I initially came to your site to be polite because for some strange reason you became followers of athingirl but just so know, now I’m hooked.

    Just told a friend of mine who’s a poet about your site. He wrote a great collection of essays and poems entitled ‘Bones & Jokes.’

    Anyway, keep on shuttering if you will. (Model talk)


    Susannah B.

  31. wow, that is cool.

  32. Very rugged — and the snow, which usually isn’t featured in photos, is appropriate. I’ve been out west in the winter. Thanks for the reminder — great shot!

  33. Wow!

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