You’ve just bought a hammock, but it’s not quite the right one for your needs. Instead of tossing it, or donating it to a shelter where someone else will have to struggle with its shortcomings, consider some must-have accessories to help turn mediocre hammocks into a must-have and a must-have into the best hammock ever made.

While you’ll find an abundance of accessories that are designed to help you get your hammock set up and securely anchored to the ground, we’re going to take a look at some of the more creative add-ons that will help you get the most out of your hammock experience.

Finding Only the Best Hammock Accessories

We’ve talked about the best hammock camping locations and which are the best type of hammocks to buy, but what else do you need for your new hammock? Having the right accessories can make your hammock experience so much better that you’ll wonder how you got along without them. Some of the best must-have hammock accessories are:

  • Hammock hooks – A good set of hammock hooks makes hanging your hammock a breeze.
  • Hammock chair – A hammock chair is so comfortable that you may never want to get out of it. See the options here.
  • Tarps – It’s one of the most used items in a hammock camper’s setup. Some people use their tarps for various purposes. Some use their tarp to protect their hammocks while in storage or as a groundsheet for extra protection from the ground. The most common uses of tarps are to cover a hammock or to protect it while not in use.
  • Tree straps and clips – these are some of the most important parts of all hammocks. Without tree straps and clips, there is no way to get the hammock hanging in a comfortable position.
  • Cup holders and coolers – They are very useful and can be used for more than just holding a cup or your drink. They’re a one-stop-shop to keep your hands free and your drink cold on the go.
  • Quilts – are actually one of the most important accessories you can have with your hammock. Not only do they protect you from whatever is on the ground (dirt, bugs, and other creepy-crawly things), but they also provide a layer of insulation, keeping you nice and cozy.
  • Sleeping bags – This is one of the must-have hammock accessories that you simply can’t do without. For most hammocking, you’re going to want a sleeping bag that’s rated to the lowest expected overnight low temperature that you’d want to be out in.
  • Specialty pillows – these are not just for napping. With the right pillow, you can enhance your hammock experience by improving safety and comfort. Your neck, head, and spine are especially vulnerable to injury and discomfort while in a hammock, and having the right pillow is essential to maintaining good health.

Whether you’re new to hammocking or an experienced hanger, there are a few must-have hammock accessories you’ll want to have on hand. A lot of these things can be bought together in an “all-in-one” package, but if you have a few extra dollars to spend, it’s worth investing in a few quality pieces that will last for years. Know more at Harmony Hammocks.