Oceanside Pier Sunset – Oceanside, CA   32 comments



Oceanside Pier Sunset – Oceanside, CA

The amazing thing about San Diego County, is you could take a photo like this practically every night.  With four giant piers to choose from within thirty miles, the variety is amazing.  However, this can also be a bit of a curse.  You see when you are on vacation there is only “today”.  You wake up early with little responsibility and head out to fill up your 16 gigabyte cards at reckless abandon.  You photograph anything and everything.  When you are at home it is an entirely different story.  Yes, the light is perfect and yes I have an extra moment, but there is always tomorrow says the inner procrastinator.  We are all guilty of it because there is something beautiful to photograph everyday regardless of where you live.  So get out there and photograph something (anything) in the next twenty three hours. “Why not twenty four hours?” you may ask. Well if it takes you over twenty three hours to take a photo then that would be procrastinating.  Have fun and I will post mine Thursday.

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32 responses to Oceanside Pier Sunset – Oceanside, CA

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  2. Ah. Oceanside Pier. Where we met our future co-in-laws for the first time. Stressed walking out to the end of the pier, toward the restaurant where we would meet, wondering how these people who were to be so entwined with our lives, would be. Relaxed and fun walking back, chatting, planning a wedding, knowing they were just normal people, like us.

  3. Damn…I really want to be there!!


  4. It’s beautiful..

  5. Oh, i miss Oceanside! such a beautiful photo!

  6. so beautiful, and great composition!

  7. California is heavy on their piers.

  8. Excellent point about procrastination! 🙂 Great photo too!

  9. I miss this pier. When I lived out there I visited this pier frequently! Thanks for sharing and bringing back peaceful beautiful memories.

  10. Love the San Diego area and all the way up to San Clemente. Such fabulous places. Since I love to surf, it’s even more special to see this pic.

  11. I love the sun sparkling in the background. Simply gorgeous!

  12. the water looks almost like snow under the pier – great shot

  13. LOVE the photo. Looked up Oceanside, CA a couple of days ago for a potential vacation stay. Now I am sold. 🙂

  14. Breathtaking photos! Nature’s beauty is truly awesome!

  15. So beautiful. It makes me feel nostalgic and adventurous all at once!

  16. Pictures are really awesome; I see so many things every day that I’d love to shoot but…having a familial tremor makes it difficult. You are very gifted ~ beautiful shots accompanied by excellent commentary.

  17. beautiful shot!!

  18. get shot and beautiful thought

  19. Nice photo and even better writing 🙂

  20. Wow, magnificent shot! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ll be sure to admire your photos often.

  21. I LOVE this photo. I love the effect on the waves and the color saturation on the mossy rocks. Beautiful! Wish I had taken this photo :).

  22. I see the Empire St Building everyday but don’t photograph it. How true.

  23. Another great shot – and close to home! Fitting also, to what I’ve been up to this week, as I was just at the IB Pier, camera in hand. Thank you for “liking” a post at my Photographer Resource blog (http://dogbreedzphotographyresources.wordpress.com). I’ve linked to you in the blogroll at my main blog page (http://dogbreedz.blogspot.com) – and I’ll be checking for your photos every day – wonderful inspiration!! Thank you!

  24. Beautiful photo. I love photography, it is always so inspiring when done well. I could look at beaches all day long to keep me smiling! Will be sure to visit your site often 🙂

    Thanks for the like on my page as well, it is much appreciated!


  25. Great Photo. WOW.

  26. lovely!

  27. Wow! what a amazing shot.

  28. Beautiful photograph 🙂

  29. Excellent photo!

  30. That’s a winner!

  31. Hi,
    Oh Wow, what a beautiful photo, the way the sun is shinning through the bridge, with the red rays pointing every which way, that is really nice. Even the different colors on the rock at the front of the photo. Well done.

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