“Old Man of Storr” – Isle of Skye, Scotland – Lee Duguid – Featured Photographer   74 comments




“Old Man of Storr” – Isle of Skye, Scotland – Lee Duguid – Featured Photographer

For the first ¾ of my life I was told I was of Scottish descent.  Then I found out my last name “Stinchcomb” is actually English.  In fact, there is a town in England named “Stinchcombe”.   I wonder if anyone reading this has ever been there.  If so I would love to hear about it.   Oh well, it turns out my true heritage is European “mutt” so I guess that makes me American on all accounts.  By the way, my brother Tom is an O’Neill, so it is pretty obvious where his paternal ancestors are from in Europe. 

Anyways, Lee has captured the landscape where I have always envisioned my ancestors living.  Except if it looked as nice as Lee’s image then I doubt they would have ever left.  Lee has some stunning images from all over the world and a really cool blog as well.  Please give them a look after you read about what he had to endure to create this brilliant landscape.

Website: www.leeduguid.com.au

Blog: www.leeduguid.com.au/blog

Facebook: www.facebook.com/leeduguidphotography

Enter Lee:

I have lived in Australia for five years now, before that New Zealand and London.  In fact I haven’t lived in my native Scotland for 11 years now. If only I had been so passionate about photography when I did.  A trip at the tail end of 2010 really opened my eyes to its unique and breathtaking landscapes.  It was the first time I had travelled my own country.  Being the first time to see this location the 1 hour trek through the thick forest and rocky slopes predawn was interesting, especially on my own.  Was I going the correct way?  What was that sound?  The last few kilometers were the steepest, the sun was about to rise so I ran with all my gear.  Climbing to the peak I witnessed an amazing light show in a stunning location, what a way to start the day!

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: Canon 17-40mm L Series
Shutter Speed: 2.5 seconds
Aperture: F/16
Focal Length: 26mm
ISO: 100

1×0.6 + 1x 0.9 Soft Edge Lee ND Grad Filters


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74 responses to “Old Man of Storr” – Isle of Skye, Scotland – Lee Duguid – Featured Photographer

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  1. Wonderful blog – breathtaking photos.

  2. stunning landscape shot with great color.

  3. Stunning and breathtaking panorama – WOW!

  4. The colours, the textures, the drama, the sense of space etc are all superb. Its a beautiful photograph.

  5. You have an amazing blog. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, I’ve enjoyed reading them all. I’ve never had so many responses to my work 🙂


  7. Brilliant colouring in this shot. I’ve never been to Skye but roamed around the hills near Aberdeen and Banchory, great landscapes for a good photographer to work with.

  8. Perfect shot! I can feel freedom in here. Hope you don’t mind if I’ll save it. Thanks in advance.


  9. I love the depth… great shot. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Surreal!

  11. The colours of the sky and clouds are beautiful!

  12. The isle of Skye has many beauties and this is certainly one of them. Would love to go back and take more pics and do more art there.
    Stinchcombe is in the county of Gloucestershire, in England….haven’t been there but have passed close by. I also know a couple of people with the surname, one of whom just happens to be a very good artist!

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  14. stunning…we visited isle of skye several years ago and you really captured the sentiment with which it left us perfectly.

  15. Love to watch these kind of landscape. Great colours.

  16. Wish I was there! Stunning! Ann

  17. Long, long time since I’ve been there. Beautiful place – even in s storm.

  18. You have kept your promise! This photo is so calming. Love it! Ummmm….could I just add that “anyways” is not a word? You have such a wonderful site. If you are from the Midwest it is – but, we still encourage each other not to use it. LOL

  19. Just think how much of Earth has worn away over the millennia, if that little tooth is all that is left!!!!
    Lovely picture, speaks volumes. Kristin

  20. I love this shot. My relatives are from the Isale of Skye and Oban. The Isle of Skye is like no other. This scene, as I recall, is on the East side of the Isle. Beautiful for its barrenness. It’s spirituality is in my blood.

  21. Thank you for trekking through dark forests to get such a breath taking clip Lee

  22. Oh how I love Scotland. Had a wonderful motorcycling trip around Skye many years ago. Beautiful!

  23. Gorgeous!

  24. Lovely!

  25. Really beautiful. I do wish you could get WordPress.org to add that “like” button. I don’t always have time to comment!

  26. surreal landscape. lovely.

  27. This is simply gorgeous. I am a huge photography fan and dabble myself…if only I could capture something like this. Amazing! I will certainly be back to see what you post everyday!

  28. I visited Isle of Skye, Scotland in August on a family vacation. Without stating the cliched stuff that its exotic, I would simply say that it was simply alluring!! If you havent visited it yet, you need to plan it. I am a naive photographer however I would love to share some pics which I clicked (ofcourse from a digital camera) 🙂

  29. so strange

  30. “Sing me a song of a lad that is gone
    over the sea to Skye.”
    It’s a song about Bonnie Prince Charlie.

  31. Stunning!!! Added your site to my blogroll. :).

  32. Positively gorgeous!

  33. We want to go to Scotland!

  34. Amazing, like a set on a movie, only it has more breath–not breadth. It’s more alive.

  35. Absolutely stunning landscape!!!

  36. Wow! Ancient Sky!

  37. Going to Scotland this summer, and I cannot wait to see the Isle of Skye! Thanks for the beautiful photo 🙂

  38. Utterly beautiful

  39. Awesome, your site is becomig addicting!

  40. This photo brings back memories of time spent in Scotland. The shot is so atmospheric. Love it!

  41. Beautiful! Must plan a visit:)

  42. Absolutely gorgeous!

  43. Stunning ! I have never been to Skye but should really make the effort.

  44. You captured the wild side of Scotland beautifully!

  45. You guys have awesome photos and a great write up on it!

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  47. A morning to remember!

  48. Have been to Scotlland and England. This is one place I would love to visit. Jay

  49. That is an awesome photo, I too am a “European mutt” but seeing how I was born in America and have never set foot in Europe, well now that makes me an American 🙂

  50. Awesome picture, inspires fantasy 🙂

  51. Such a breathtaking photo.

  52. Very Lord of the Rings

  53. Iconic and striking — a lovely shot!

  54. Lovely!

  55. Amazing isn’t it? Too many years since I travelled in Scotland!

  56. Who knew (at least in this neck of the woods) that Scotland had anything like this?

  57. You always take such wonderful photographs.

  58. i would love to be standing somewhere in that beauty

  59. Gorgeous shot and beautiful scenery.

  60. Beautiful landscape.

  61. Amazingly beautiful I so enjoy these pictures

  62. This is really a beautiful photo!

  63. Wow- I never knew Scotland looked like that!

  64. breathtaking!

  65. Stunning, been a lot in Scottish – Never seen view like this.

  66. so beautiful!

  67. Hi,
    A really nice photo, I love the rock formations and the colours in the sky are magnificent.

  68. Love this shot. I was at Skye about four years ago. I’ve traveled extensively, seen a lot of the world. Your shot reminds me why the visit to Isle of Skye is remembered as the best of my travel adventures.

  69. Magnificent image of the Scottish landscape

  70. A sight to behold!

  71. Very Beautiful!


  72. Hi! A belated little note to let you know we loved your blog so much we nominated it for a Versatile Blogger Award. Pop over here if you want to check out our other nominations: http://nofoodwithaface.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/versatile-blogger-award/
    xx Alana and Koren

  73. That’s marvelous!

  74. Great scenic shot & vivid colors.

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