Old Vineyard Road – Arroyo Grande, CA   37 comments



Old Vineyard Road – Arroyo Grande, CA

Deep it the heart of Arroyo Grande, California sits Sausalito Canyon Vineyard, a very unique winery with vines dating back to the 1800’s.  It is called a “dry” winery because it is only watered by the local rains.  A bit strange to call a winery dry because it makes me think of the counties in Texas along Interstate 10 where you can’t pull over and get a beer.  However, I love the fact that not artificially watering the vines is extremely ecofriendly.  I thought the dirt road was a wonderful commute to work, but also brought back visions of a simpler time.  The clouds lined up perfectly to frame the mountains in the backround which happened to be on the label of all their wines.  Please enjoy the photo and if interested enjoy a trip to their website at www.saucelitocanyon.com

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37 responses to Old Vineyard Road – Arroyo Grande, CA

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  2. So peaceful….beautiful!

  3. very beautiful photos,i’ll like to thank you for having liked my post.
    all the best!

  4. I absolutely love photographs like this. One day, if time allows I hope to take some of my many photographs and turn them into fabri-scapes (painting with fabric and embroider floss). I have dallied with a few ideas, but would love to really get serious about the craft . . . when time allows. In the meantime, I love the texture in this photo. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me with her colors and forms.

  5. My daughter is living in this area now, and I think a visit is long overdue! Thanks for visiting my site, and for sharing this photo!

  6. I’d like a poster of this for my living room, please.

  7. I love coming to this site and spending time touring the world and seeing its variety of creatures. This is a wonderful photo that reminds me of a trip I made to California, perhaps seeing this same winery, though I am not sure of that. The blooming fruit trees in the foreground with the mountains behind make me want to burst out in song, celebrating the beauty of the earth and man’s culturing of the earth. Thank you.

  8. I echo Karen’s sentiment — i’d love to walk this road! Favorite photo so far, second only to Maverick and his day at the beach!
    Thanks for liking my post. Hardly compares to your work! Honored!

  9. A gorgeous image and a phenomenon I was unaware of. As ecofriendly as it sounds, it has unsettling implications in an era of climate change.

  10. Beautiful! I would love to walk on this road!

  11. This is beautiful and so peaceful! I love it!

  12. 桃花源

  13. Beautiful photo.

  14. This looks like a painting waiting to happen!

  15. Beautiful!

  16. I love this photo, it’s so beautiful I just want to jump into it! Nice job guys. xx

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    Beautiful photo, love the depth and the colors.

  18. This reminds me of the old country in Italy. The winery, setting and perfect place to grow with the sun, moisture and soil.

  19. it makes me wanna go on a trip right now, although i am already in one lol, Korea is also so great

  20. Oh so nice. Great shot

  21. Beautiful composition and such vivid colors!

  22. What really struck me in this photo are the colors.

  23. It makes me want to wander down the dirt road! Thank you for sharing this beautiful image : )-

  24. Beautiful photo

  25. I love the concept of your blog- what a flipping GREAT idea!!! Keep ’em coming boys!

  26. Great shot!

  27. Looks like a watercolor painting, beautiful. How did you get that texture?

  28. Hi guys,
    Perfecto. That is so beautifully composed. That tree with it’s pinkish color in the center is a fab focal point.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  29. Looks like a Currier and Ive’s print.

  30. That looks like a painting. Did you buy a bottle of their wine? verdict?
    I really enjoy your blog – thanks for sharing such varied and beautiful images.

  31. Oh my! I really love this photo! Reminds me of some of the old country roads winding around the apple orchards where I grew up in the Blue Ridge. ….This reminds me of home! Beautiful photo! Thanks so much for sharing, it made my day! 🙂

  32. This makes me miss Ca…love the picture..makes want to go for a walk there

  33. Beautiful!

  34. Hi,
    Love the scenery, very nice, and your are certainly right about the clouds, they do add to the photo.

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  36. It reminds me of parts of France. A wonderful variety of colours! Lovely!

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