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orchid morphed with woman 


“Orchid” – London, England – Bread and Shutter – Featured Photographer

We are truly stoked to have an amazingly unique image from today’s featured artist Bread and Shutter.  He is an extremely talented artist who specializes in beautiful and engaging above and below water portraits.  Orchid is of a stunning young woman morphed with a beautiful flower.  To keep up with his latest work please like him over on Facebook (CLICK HERE) or go straight to his portfolio at http://www.breadandshutter.com

Enter Bread and Shutter:

My inspiration is the Orchid flower blended with a beautiful woman’s features.

Shot on a Nikon D700

Nikon 50mm 1.4

This was shot in my studio using studio flash heads and softboxes.

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33 responses to Orchid – Bread and Shutter – Featured Photographer

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  1. Oh my!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. Beautiful results.

  3. Extremely nice.

  4. Nice lighting.

  5. Absolute perfection

  6. WOW…that about sums it up!!!

  7. Beautiful!
    Bella and DiDi

  8. Your photos are beautiful! I only trodded upon your site accidentally. But gosh, these pictures are stunning.

  9. stunning, i love this photo.

  10. that is beautiful. at first glance, it reminded me of my antique picture, the lady in red…….this is lovely

  11. I think Venus just called me in silence. Beautiful in every way.

  12. Gorgeous!

  13. Amazing concept! Very artistic.

  14. Beautiful photograph…beautiful concept.

  15. Gorgeous Photo~

  16. So beautiful!

  17. Lovily…..

  18. Very soft and beautiful, both….:) model and photograph…

  19. wow – lovely woman, lovely shades

  20. Beautiful photo! Soft and yet striking!

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  22. Beautiful … !

  23. Beautiful woman and photograph.

  24. awwwwww…I think this is BEAUTIFUL..

  25. wow…i think this is beautiful…. mi luv it -:)

  26. Wow, wonder how many dates she’ll have after this.


  28. Lovely

  29. That is so good it hurts

  30. Hey, thanks for the visit to my site! appreciate it. Oh, and this is an amazing photo.

  31. This is beautiful! It feels like a visual poem.

  32. absolutely stunning.

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