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 Oryx and sand dune


Oryx and Sand Dune – Deadvlei, Namibia – Philippe Destine

Philippe is an amazing photographer from France. After reading his story behind the image, then check out his incredible portfolio here:



Enter Philippe:

This picture was taken a few minutes before sunset…

Early morning, we had visited Deadvlei.

As I wanted to take advantage of the best lights at the end of the day, we had a rest between 10:00 AM and 03:00 PM and then came back to the camp, slowly and using the wonderful landscapes and lights to take pictures.

I was lucky as this Oryx came in front of the huge sand dune. We had to move the car carefully to anticipate the alignment between the Oryx and the ridge of the dune. And that’s it…

Except the square cropping, this is the straight capture from the camera. I wanted to keep the ambiance and the color of the light on the Oryx, similar to the dune one. This is why the colors are very warm, but they represent what was in front of me.

Anecdote: I’ve published this picture on different forums.

Despite the clear title of the picture, it was very interesting to get feedbacks where people were not able to locate the picture in space. Where was the dune? What was the black part of the picture? I had to publish a second picture, shot with a wider angle, to give the explanation.

Examples of comments:

·         “My first thought was that this is a composite. The antelope from eye level, the sand dune from above. With the curvy line leading to the antelope, the composition is striking indeed.”

·         “What is the background?”

·         “I didn’t realize the background on the first image was the dunes either.”

·         “I too am struggling with the unusual presentation of the sand dunes. To some extent I find myself more interested in trying to figure out what I’m looking at in the background”,…


Camera: Nikon D4

 Lens: Nikon 200/400 VRII used at 400mm

Aperture:  f/8

Shutter Speed: 1/800

 ISO: 5720


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25 responses to Oryx and Sand Dune – Deadvlei, Namibia – Philippe Destine

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  3. WOW! Aaaa! That is powerfully amazing!

  4. I have nominated your blog for “One Lovely Blog Award”. If you want to accept the award, please check my blog for rules etc : http://exxtracts.wordpress.com/2012/10/24/two-blogger-awards/

  5. I’m so glad I logged in this morning. What a beautiful photograph. Its simplicity has really moved me. Thanks Charlie. It’s one of your best.

  6. I’m so happy I logged in this morning. What a beautiful photograph. It’s simplicity has really moved me. Thanks. One of your best Charlie.

  7. Perfectly illustrates the sculptural idea of the abstract in the form. The dune can be seen in the line of the Oryx’s shoulder and the light and shadow create a mind game as the eye switches from dark to light. Brilliant.

  8. Intriguing and captivating. It’s like the movie Inception in the form of a single picture.

  9. I love the contrast! Amazing!

  10. Intimidating amount of sand!

  11. I nominated you for an award, it can be found here….
    Happy hugs your way.x.

  12. this should be a commercial for a color palette! incredible!

  13. That is really different.

  14. Wow! This photo is amazing!!! The dune is huge!

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  16. Incredible shot.

  17. overwhelmingly nice : )

  18. Wow! The composition on this is amazing!

  19. Quite outstanding!

  20. Amazimg!

  21. Wow! That dune is amazing!

  22. Stunning shot!!!!!

  23. Amazing shot … have been Sahara desert, but never seen dune like that … brilliant job.

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