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otago mountains


Otago Mountains – Otago, South Island, New Zealand – Declan O’Neill

Declan does a great job photographing these purple mountains of the South Island in New Zealand. The low hanging fog gives an extra layer of depth to the image that really makes the photo. What do you think? Please read his story below then check out his website and blog here

Web site: www.newzealandlandscape.com

Blog www.newzealandlandscape.com/blog


Enter Declan:

I have always preferred dawn to evening light as you get more interesting effects. This photograph was taken on a blisteringly cold morning in Otago, South Island, New Zealand, 

The colors are totally natural, there is no Photoshopping here. The freezing air hangs around for about an hour before the sun burns it off. I waited for about 20 minutes until the sun was kissing the top of the mountain and then pushed the shutter. 

Camera: Fuji S5 Pro

Lens : Nikon 28-200  3.5-5.6

Exposure 1/25 sec @ 5.6 

ISO  100


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31 responses to Otago Mountains – Otago, South Island, New Zealand – Declan O’Neill

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  1. So natural and superb shot..

  2. Just beautiful!

  3. Lovely delicate pinks. I like the streaks of mist as well.

  4. Best photo I’ve sent of mountains above mountains and gorgeous colours..Spiritually uplifting..

  5. Love love love it:)

  6. Simply Beautiful… I love the fact this image hasn’t been photoshopped so we can feel that we are experiencing the same natural beauty as Declan as he was sitting behind the lens.

  7. I agree with O’Neil here …I prefer dawn to evening light as well! A magic photo…..

  8. Very surreal.

  9. Pretty!!

  10. Makes you want to learn how to fly

  11. I love the soft perspective.

  12. This is a gorgeous shot!!! Absolutely love the image!!!

  13. It’s like time and sound stand still here. Wonderful.

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  15. wonderful!

  16. What a beautiful portrait and thank you for stopping by my blog.

  17. Wonderful dream-like quality, and to be natural as well. How clever!

  18. That’s what my dreams look like. Stunning!

  19. The layers, levels, invite to explore just over the next ridge. I never think of first light that much. Maybe Winter Steelheading trips on the river, otherwise we do seem focused upon last light. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

  20. Patience pays!

  21. Lovely.

  22. Beautiful! I love dawn too. The early morning air…sunrise!

  23. lovely view

  24. Fabulous, and a natural shot. Great stuff Declan.

  25. Not many of God’s creations that are much more majestic that mountains! Great photograph, especially with the touch of mist!

  26. Restful

  27. Fine photo! Reminds me of seeing my first Australian magpie, also on New Zealand’s South Island.

    Off topic:

    Hi photobotos, congratulations!

    I have nominated your blog for the 10 Commandments Award.

    The rules for this award are at



  28. Thanks for giving us “natural” shots that haven’t been photoshopped. I visited your blog and really like your photographs.

  29. Superb image – even better that it hasn’t had to be retouched.

  30. This is a beautiful image, Declan. You have captured it so well. Love the low mist/frozen air. Always worth the wait.

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