Out of the Darkness – Brushtailed Possum on Kangaroo Island, Australia   5 comments


Out of the Darkness – Common Brushtailed Possum Kangaroo Island Australia

One night while hanging out in our hotel room on Kangaroo Island we heard some noise on our deck.  When I went outside I found this little guy cruising through the darkness.  In case you missed the title it is a Common Brushtailed Possum. I don’t understand why they call animals common, because if one was walking down my street in San Diego it would be anything but common.  Anyways, I followed him around and he kind of ignored me until he noticed I had some food.  Then I was his best friend.  He followed me everywhere and even tried to climb on my lap!  Now remember I only said I had food, I didn’t give him any until the very end when I handed him a piece of fruit and he grabbed it and ran up a tree.  This photo was taken with a Canon 550EX flash.  He didn’t even blink.  Afterwards I walked around the grounds in the dark and found several other really cool mammals that didn’t mind their picture taken.  Wow! That was such an amazing place.

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5 responses to Out of the Darkness – Brushtailed Possum on Kangaroo Island, Australia

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  1. That’s a fantastic shot.

  2. he has the nerve to be cute!

  3. Wow, that’s nice and close. Love the POV, down at the possum’s level.

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  5. My pooch sniffs these out in my garden every night but always scares them away before i see them. Great pic!

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