“San Pedro (St. Peter’s Square)” – Vatican City – Manolo Garcia – Featured Photographer   53 comments



“San Pedro (St. Peter’s Square)” – Vatican City – Manolo Garcia – Featured Photographer 

Today is our first bilingual post ever here on PhotoBotos!  Manolo’s photograph is so detailed it can almost be used as a map for the Vatican and surrounding Rome. The vivid colors and intricate architecture just burst off of the screen.   To see more of Manolo’s work please check out his galleries at http://nolo12.500px.com (the New York City shots are amazing) and http://www.flickr.com/photos/nolo12/.  He can also be followed on his blog at http://greenoftheworld.blogspot.com/.  Enjoy!

Here is Manolol:

La foto fue tomada en la Ciudad del Caticano, en la plaza de San Pedro, desde lo alto de la catedral.
Desde las marcas que hay en el centro de la plaza y mirando hacia las columnas de alrededor de la plaza, se ven filas de una sola columna mientras que son filas de 4 columnas.
Para poder subir a lo alto de la cupula se puede hacer en ascensor o andando por las escaleras.

The photo was taken in Vatican City, in St. Peter’s Square from the top of the cathedral.
From the marks on the center of the square facing the columns around the square are rows of a single column as they are rows of 4 columns.
To get to the top of the dome can be done by elevator or walking down the stairs.

Camera Settings:


Canon EOS 500D


0,008 sec (1/125)




18 mm

Velocidad ISO



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53 responses to “San Pedro (St. Peter’s Square)” – Vatican City – Manolo Garcia – Featured Photographer

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  1. There is a great coffee bar close by there.

  2. Wow, incredible work! I love this!

  3. Wow! Amazing photo!

  4. love love love!

  5. Absolutely stunning photo!!

  6. it’s really superbe! i would like to visite it!

  7. ¡Qué preciosa! Los colores son bellísimos.
    How beautiful! The colours are gorgeous.

  8. Great picture.

  9. An almost staggering panorama – so detailed and amazing – and incredible color work. I will soon check his blog to see more!

  10. The meaning of the key is not for the faint of heart…but the photo is quality

  11. Beautiful shot of S.Peter’s church. I have taken lots shots also but nothing like this one. Nice!

  12. Beautiful colours! Well done! 🙂

  13. Very Nice! Muy linda foto!! (just change caticano for Vaticano 😉

  14. Thanks for the Like.
    My husband and I were just in the Vatican in October. This is an awesome photograph.

  15. Simply awesome!

    Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  16. Gorgeous picture! BTW Thanks for the like! Stop by and share anytime!

  17. Reblogged this on dayledann.

  18. Lived just down the street and to the right of the photo. Great memories. Jack

  19. Thanks for everybody, i hope that you enjoy about my picture and visit my pages.
    Thanks and if you want something my email is mangarsan@hotmail.com

  20. Magnificent vista. The climb to the top is always worth the reward. Quite a vista.

  21. I took a number of photos from the same spot overlooking Saint Peter’s Square in 2006, admittedly nowhere near as astounding this wonderful picture. Just got done reading “Four Seasons in Rome” by Anthony Doeer, get it and I guarantee you will be on the next plane back.

  22. I have been to Vatican City but looks better at this photo!

  23. Your photographs are always so breathtaking.

  24. …took my breath away!

  25. This is such a gorgeous shot!

  26. A wonderful photo. Apart from the detail the colours are amazing.

  27. An absolutely breathtaking picture.

  28. so very beautiful. thank you for bringing me there. what a shot. 🙂 love your work.

  29. Awesome shot!

  30. I dont know, somethings not right. The color seems off and the sky is overprocessed and takes away from the image in my opinion.

  31. Breathtaking view! I really love it. Can I borrow some of them, asking permition :)? They are fab. God bless.

  32. Great shot! I’ve been there but don’t remember this view!

  33. Gorgeous photo. I’ve been at that same spot but it sure didn’t look that beautiful when I was there. (It’s always a beautiful sight, but this is gorgeous).

  34. Your collections are amazingly breathtaking!!!

    I have nominated you for the ABC (AWESOME Blog Content) Blogger Award! 🙂 Here is the link: http://kweschn.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/abc-for-me-abc-for-you/ 😀

  35. Just, wow.

  36. Absolutely stunning!!!!

  37. I love playing with my camera….wish I could make it do what you do with your’s….

  38. this is stunning.

    …love that the camera settings are universal…

  39. Very beautiful.

  40. Very powerful photo, even before you think of the billion people that hold this spot so lovingly in their hearts and minds. Add that thought, and also the very striking sky, and this becomes a poignant celebration of one of the faiths of the world. And/or, it is just a cool shot!

  41. Amazing shot!

  42. Rome sunsets … nothing more splendid than that!! Beautiful!

  43. Amazing.

  44. An absolutely amazing shot. I certainly didn’t see this after climbing to the top.

  45. Reblogged this on MY BLOG ~.

  46. Absolutely Breathtaking!

  47. That is quite an aerial view. Very stunning. Makes you want to hop a plane to Rome.


  48. AMEZING… wow..

  49. I’ve done that climb to the top of the Vatican dome (a claustrophobic journey), and I’ve taken that picture. BUT Manolo’s is amazing. Just gorgeous.

  50. Phenomenal!

  51. Beautiful!

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