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Scars Elbow – Canvey Island, United Kingdom – Fleur Alston



This image is one of a series in a project I am working on at the moment. It is of a place called Scars Elbow in Canvey Island, Essex.

I am exploring the concept of what is in a name by photographing places which have violent histories that they have been named after. Scars Elbow is close to a Roman Burial site and a beach called Deadman`s Bay (now called Thorny Bay for obvious reasons) where due to tidal currents bodies from the Thames estuary are washed up. There is also a legend that two bodies have been found on two separate occasions with fish upper bodies but with human legs!

It is a strange place probably different on a sunny day but the sky was overcast and the light intensified the feeling of the area. When I go on a shoot like this I am searching for some sort of echo of the places history, I use long exposure because it alienates the image and somehow encompasses the feeling these places give me. It was close to snowing and there was a mad man on the beach shouting “People love to come to the seaside” at the top of his voice this all added to the atmosphere and made for an eventful shoot. I use a welding glass Nd filter as I couldn`t afford a high enough filter but I actually am very happy with the results at the cost of £2.50. 


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  1. Hi! Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs ( – I really appreciate it! I love this site; what absolutely fantastic images.

  2. I love the water effect in this shot!

  3. This is some photo … the ocean is so calm – and the photo seams to go on forever. A while since I made a comment here, because I haven’t clicked with the photos posted, but this I truly click with. Fantastic job.

  4. great photo; it takes you somewhere else.

  5. “echoes of history,” Well said and captured.

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