Seward Sound Panorama – Seward, Alaska   32 comments




Seward Sound Panorama – Seward, Alaska

Seward is a small town of about 3,000 people that still live life fairly slow.  You can stop in any bar and chat up a local about its rich Alaskan history.  The town is also a great place to stop off and catch a whale watching boat out to the fiords.  The Alaskan Sea Life Center is located in the heart of downtown along the water.  It is Alaska’s only public aquarium and marine mammal rescue center.  This photo is a panorama stitched together from five other images.  I like the tranquility of the scene and its muted colors.  The soft grasses in the foreground suggest summer has arrived while the harsh snowcapped peaks in the background insist winter is never very far off in Alaska.

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32 responses to Seward Sound Panorama – Seward, Alaska

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  1. I want to go there so badly and your stunning picture just made the want that much worse. Thanks! I really love the photo!

  2. Thanks so much for letting us travel with you through your wonderful photography!! I LOVE your site!!

  3. I am inspired by your photos.

  4. This site is going to really help me with my novel. A lot of inspiration for the setting. Thanks for such awesome photos!

  5. THis photo, and most of the others, are truly beautiful.Thank you!

  6. beautiful shot, the clouds mingling with the mountains.

    over here, my parents used to tell me (when I was small and dumb LOL) that the cloulds come to feed on the mountain trees cuz they cant come lower to the ground 😛

    and when they do, we have fog! haha

    nice shot again

  7. This brings back memories.

  8. The place looks very peaceful and the rendering of the panorama image is like being actually there. Great photo!

  9. Wow, how cool is that? Thanks for sharing!

  10. this IS an amazing photo. Wow.

  11. Beautiful!

  12. Breathtaking! I love the clouds nested in amongst the hills.

  13. Great Shot!

  14. This is an awesome picture!

    I like the idea behind this blog. I might want to adopt it for a month if I decide I want to do the Blog Every Day For A Year thing. :p

  15. I like the serenity too! Cool and natural!

  16. Wow it’s a breath taking panorama! The mountains and clouds are so… majestic!

  17. So many beautiful pictures. I enjoyed viewing all of them. Artistic and breathtaking! 🙂

  18. Great blog, Glad I found you!

  19. breathtaking

  20. Wish I was there….!

  21. Love your blog!
    While looking at your beautiful pictures, it brought back many wonderful memories of me in 1976, backpacking with canoes over our heads through Alaska. This particular picture reminds me of Sterling Alaska, about an hour and Half away from Seward Alaska. I think about that trip often. It was the first time I understood what it might of felt like to live in the 1800’s.
    Thank you for the memories,
    “NOW WHAT?”

  22. Alaska is a world away from where I live. I envy your opportunity to reach these amazing areas. The mountains must be fascinating to watch, with all that cloud rolling over them.

  23. Love your photo…Very Refresing…. Uplifting…. and Serene…

    Thank You!!! 🙂

  24. I always enjoy my visits here… Great photo’s… Many Blessings.. Bro Pat.

  25. The photography on this site is completely inspiring! I’d love to take a submit-able photo like these. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  26. Great photo! I LOVED Seward when I visited there!

  27. I have been to Seward so really enjoyed seeing it again in this picture

  28. Ditto rutheh. It’s nice to see a shore with grass in the foreground and no thundering breakers rolling into the beach. Fine description too.

  29. Bright and airy!

  30. Nice panorama. Makes me want to travel to Alaska.

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