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Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty

“Sleeping Beauty” – Wroclaw, Poland – Rafal Makiela – Featured Photographer

My favorite part of this image is it is hard to tell where the flowing dress stops and the light rays diffusing through the water begins.  There is a stillness that I really love.  Can you feel it?  A wonderful image is one that evokes an emotion.  A unique one gives texture.  This one reminds me silk.  Rafal has some even more spectacular images on his website that are very tastefully done, but might be a bit risqué for this site.  Please check them out and feel free to leave the URL on the ones you like in the comment section below.

Enter Rafal:

My journey with photography started 8 years ago, my initial inspiration being the birth of my darling daughter Maksymilianna.  It was a desire to capture and immortalize every day of her life that triggered my great interest in photography, which remains to be my passion.  Gradually I was learning and improving by persistent practice and observing those better than me.  I have been looking for means of expression in various fields of photography.  At one point I came across the photographs by Zena Holloway and, being a great believer in following the best ones, I decided to achieve something just as spectacular as her works.  Hopefully with a satisfactory outcome…

Also “Sleeping Beauty” was shot during advertising session for Ewa Jobko; a movie costume and dress designer.  The photograph was shot like the previous one in a pool, this time with a white fabric as a background.  I use 2 Bowens flash light on the edge of pool. “

link to the light diagram:

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72 responses to Sleeping Beauty – Rafal Makiela – Featured Photographer

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  1. I love this one, great photo.

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  3. Gorgeous…have tweeted/myspace etc..I did a similar one of my cat in clouds so this ispires me to make more..Lovely!

  4. Sleeping Beauty: so apropo. great shot! thanks for the “like” on my site. and since I now know about yours i’ll be checking it out frequently… how do pictures always manage to make my day a bit better… thank you!

  5. Very beautiful! Excellent work!

  6. Such a fantastic picture! So graceful & ethereal!

    Thank you for the like – much appreciated!

  7. Very beautiful…

  8. awesome shot!

  9. Ethereal…

  10. this is amazingly beautiful

  11. This is definitely superb! 🙂

  12. Thank you for all the comments. I am glad that the picture arouses such positive reactions. Greetings to all 🙂

  13. Oh my! I’m speechless with this! I don’t know how to describe it! It’s awesome, fabulous, amazing, superb, etc, etc! IT’S A WOW!!!!! I LOVE IT! 🙂

  14. Beautiful image you’ve captured. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog now and then and like my posts.

  15. It’s so beautiful!

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  17. WOW

  18. etherial and stunning. thank you for the like yesterday! i have dabbled in photography all of my life. years ago i had a darkroom i spent days in.

  19. It IS so much fun to be invited to the wonderful candies you mix for the EYE to WONDER.

    “D” / om

  20. masterful and captivating photograph. so lovely.

  21. Love it!

  22. Stunning photo! Love the lighting and the model is beautiful!

  23. Stunning capture!

  24. Gorgeous!

  25. Thank you for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  26. This is so beautiful!

  27. This is a master’s work of art! Gorgeous and captivating photo! 🙂

  28. Awesome!

  29. Underwater photography is such a beautiful art. I love this photo.. angelic and beautiful

  30. Gorgeous!

  31. Interesting image 🙂

  32. Amazing photo …. seen a lot of great fashion shots under water – this is up there with .. them! Very good.

  33. Absolutely stunning photo. Wow. Jay

  34. A glorious photo, but perhaps even more I love the story of the photographer’s inspiration and incredible self-taught approach!

  35. For one brief moment, Sleeping Beauty defied gravity, waiting for a kiss…

  36. Love this.

  37. Stunning. And then I looked at the lighting diagram and almost had a heart attack. He makes it look insanely easy. Two lights, some fabric and a hot model. WOW!

  38. This is absolutely gorgeous

  39. fabulous shot and the effect of the water.

  40. Interesting effect. Beautiful colors.

  41. Absolutely stunning

  42. She looks like an underwater ballerina.

  43. Gorgeous photo!

    Cat Protectress
  44. Simply magical imagery!

  45. Captivating!

  46. This is so pretty! I love it

  47. Gorgeous

  48. Gorgeous photo!

  49. Very beautiful – and the other underwater pictures on the website are even more stunning (if occasionally a little naughty).

  50. Stunning!


  51. AMAZING!! A gorgeous shot and I’m sure a difficult one to achieve.

  52. Fabulous shot!

  53. reminds me of Omni Magazine no longer around. Great lungs she must have,

  54. Very cool 🙂

  55. Beautiful – really elegant. Well done

  56. wonderful! fantastic!

  57. Very cool photo!

  58. Exquisite, ethereal and elegant. She appears to be timeless and other worldly; like King Arthur’s “Lady of the Lake”. Thank you for posting. It’s a pleasure being subscribed to your blog.

  59. Oh, wow! I find this shot kind of eery and elegant at the same time. Wonderful!

  60. stunning photo

  61. Beautifully elegant!

    LOVE IT 🙂

  63. Wow so beautiful!

  64. This is just so beautiful. Ethereal.

    Thank you for posting…

  65. Wow! Amazing!

  66. ethereal

  67. So true, very beautiful!

  68. Wow! Just Amazing once again!

  69. Love the photo. Wrong title.

  70. Great photo. Normally I don’t like photo’s from people but this one is great.

  71. Very elegant…love it!

  72. I’ve been becoming more and more a fan of underwater pictures.

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