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The House is Now in Session – Annapolis, Md

Here is another photograph from my recent trip back to Annapolis, MD.  I grew up in this little town dominated by the Chesapeake Bay, Naval Academy, and State Legislature.  I must say I never joined the military or really had more than a passing interest in politics.  However, the Chesapeake had a profound influence on me.  So then why am I posting a picture of the state capital you ask?  Well, since I left Annapolis for college I have come back each time and had a youthful resurgence and appreciation for the beautiful colonial architecture of the city.  Nothing says this  better than the  oldest running  state house in the country.  In fact it is so old the Treaty of Paris was ratified here, ending the Revolutionary War.  Take that other domed state houses of America!  Those brick streets and sidewalks are not too shabby either.   I love the feel of the brick streets when you are driving through town.  The sound of tires on brick or stone roads reminds me of home.

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38 responses to State Capital Building – Annapolis, MD

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  1. Wow, I love the colors here. Great pictures. I just visited my daughter, she lives near Edgewood, MD; last Christmas. Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. Blessings to you!

  2. I love Annapolis! Keep coming back to this beautiful city. I live here now. Great shot of the State House.

  3. Beautiful light

  4. Take away the Stop sign, and you could imagine Benjamin Franklin striding into the Capitol building, determined to put his mark on history. What an evocative photo.

  5. A beautiful picture of a beautiful building. With a history lesson to boot. Well done.

  6. it looks like it’s bathed in candlelight !!!!! 😉 love it

  7. Beautiful light in this shot!

  8. Fantastic photos, do you use hdr?

  9. My husband is from Annapolis and I grew up on the Eastern Shore near the charming St. Michaels. I’ve never seen the capitol look lovelier!

  10. Great shot of the capital building. What wonderful lighting you had. You were visiting my neck of the woods. Now you’ve set the bar for me to go back and get a better shot than what I got last January. Guess they’re finally done with the restoration of the dome.

  11. Beautiful shot. Such great lighting and view of the capitol. I spent a lot of years down that way, working in Annapolis and always liked the atmosphere. Last time I visited though, it has gotten quite a bit more crowded. Thanks for liking my blog. I haven’t found your “like” button yet, but will keep looking.

  12. The color contrast is staggering!

  13. When I visit Annapolis, I feel like I am home. I have no clue why??? Thank you for stopping by my blog. I can’t believe you post an image EVERYDAY! What a commitment!

  14. nice light 🙂

  15. beautiful shot. love the light also.

  16. Very nice photography! The lighting, as others have said, is just captured perfectly. This looks like a beautiful place.

  17. From my home town to yours, I agree! Its a house; town and culture that is best in Maryland.

  18. Great memories for you….! 😉

  19. Beautiful shot. lighting is perfect. love that time of day

  20. ooooh, love the colors and the crispness. lovely photo. made me homesick, even.

  21. The state capital just looks stunning. I absolutely love how amazing the building looks. Great architecture

  22. -LOVE- Annapolis. Those streets!

  23. Gorgeous light….

  24. I have always wanted to visit A. My husband said it was such a quaint city, and I LOVE quaint. Thanks for liking my blog. I like yours too!

  25. Nice lighting. Love the texture of the brick

  26. What a beautiful picture!!!!

  27. Beauty is untouchable. There are several buildings or monuments that stand for something I don’t like, but I still enjoy the artistry.
    That is a great photo. Thanks for posting. I shared it on my FB wall so others could enjoy it too.

  28. Thank you for checking out my blog! My husband is from Annapolis, and I grew up on the Eastern Shore near St. Michaels. I’ve never seen the capitol looking lovelier!

  29. I used to visit Annapolis with my father as a child Ive always enjoyed the colonial feel of certain parts ,you have captured this exactly in this pic.Thanks for the memories….Good pic.

  30. The hues on the beautiful capitol building seem excessively “hot” because (I’m guessing) the picture was taken early into the morning? Fine composition, but waiting to take the picture a few hours later into the day might have “cooled” the yellow a mite.

  31. This is great. Was it an early morning shot?

  32. Loved the golden light 🙂 great shot!

  33. Gorgeous. That golden light blends so beautifully with the State house. A beautiful capture.
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  34. I love history so much! Now I want to go there and see this amazing edifice for myself.

    Truly a beautiful photograph.


  35. Fabulous lighting. 🙂

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