Steller Sea Lion Tossing Pup – Southeast Alaska   15 comments




Steller Sea Lion Tossing Pup – Southeast Alaska

Steller sea lions are the largest of all the eared seals.  In fact, an adult male can weigh over a ton.  They are like giant swimming grizzly bears on steroids!  Although they don’t look like it in the photo, the little pup is about the size of a full grown pit bull.  The female however is about 600 lbs. and very upset.  This pup most likely wandered or fell into the female’s territory from above.  The other possibility is the female was returning from sea and looking for her own pup by a keen sense of smell. When she noticed it wasn’t hers she didn’t have time to walk around it.  If sea lions had PPS (Pup Protective Services) then I would have called them right away. Either way it is a good example that nature isn’t always kind, but is seldom boring.

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15 responses to Steller Sea Lion Tossing Pup – Southeast Alaska

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  2. nice, some seal drama

  3. Fantastic! Visiting uninhabited island is a huge privilege ..

  4. Aw! The little guy definitely needs the PPS. That “nature isn’t always kind” is always a hard truth to swallow. 🙁

  5. Lovely!

  6. Brilliant shot, as always, PhotoBoto! Exact timing! In a way, it’s good to have these raw shots because we are so frequently trying to get the cute and beautiful, or even the awe inspiring. What DID happen to the pup? And where in the world are you?

  7. so what was the outcome for the pup?

  8. I love the action that was captured in this shot. Thanks for stopping by my blog Keep dropping by and feel free to leave me comments and feedback whenever possible.

  9. I wonder how that landing went?

  10. hahahahah @ “PPS” 🙂

  11. Such a great photo!! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. The right place, the right time – extraordinary!

  13. Poignant observation, “nature isn’t always kind, but is seldom boring.” Well said…excellent photo.

  14. PPS! Funny . . . I once saw sea lions in Alaska but, because the sea was rough, couldn’t get close enough to see them. What a lucky snap to get this action albeit a bit upsetting.

  15. I had a mom like that.


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