“Swirling Tide” – Espasa Beach, Spain – Lujo Semeyes – Featured Photographer   58 comments




“Swirling Tide” – Espasa Beach, Spain – Lujo Semeyes – Featured Photographer

This is one of those “I wish I was there” (IWIWT) photographs.  I can feel the cool water and sand between my toes.  There is a strong breeze blowing and I put on an extra layer, but dare not miss what promises to be an excellent sunset.  After reading Lujo’s account it turns out I am not that far off.  Although maybe the water is a bit cooler than I expected.  Please  visit this and several other “IWIWT” photographs at Lujo’s portfolios  500pix.com/lujo and flickr.com/lujo.    Here are a couple of other great links of his in Spanish asemeyando.es and exodos.es

Here is Lujo:

The photograph was taken at the beach Espasa (Asturias) in this medium, just at dusk, on a day of very low tide, leaving bare rocks are usually not visible.  I chose this day for the state of the tide, and be having a polar front, which provided a good sky.  As an anecdote to relate, on arrival it was snowing, but did not cover the sand.

Picture data are:
Cámara Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Distance focal17 mm
Obturación3.2 speed sec.
f 8
high mirror
self-timer with 2 second delay
050 tripod manfroto XPROB
Hoya Polarizer pro at 9
Lee Filter 0.6 GNDS

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58 responses to “Swirling Tide” – Espasa Beach, Spain – Lujo Semeyes – Featured Photographer

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  1. Painting with light

    Roger O'Keefe
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  3. an astonishing photo.

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    Check out this amazing image from spain

  5. The sea looks to be making its way towards the sun. What a wonderful picture, and yes, I wish I were there right now!

  6. Ak! I meant to post this comment on “Go Your Own Road”

  7. I could swear I saw this image used in a weight loss ad on fb. It truly is taken to mean many different things. I’m thinking it says “the road’s goin’ where I want it to go”. Really nice!

  8. Gorgeous!

  9. Amazing!

  10. Wow, this is stunning. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Just stunning! So calm and beautiful, I so want to be on that beach right now! Instead I am stuck in rainy Devon with the fire lit x

  12. Wonderful picture showing the mastery of the photographer, I should say of the artist.

  13. Really amazing!!

  14. unbelievable….gorgeous

  15. wow!

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  17. Absolutely magnificent!
    The sand, the sun, the sky, the clouds, the water… every element is just fantastic in this shot and it is truly IWIWT to an extreme!

    Thanks for sharing and for dropping by my blog as well, appreciate a new face stopping by as and when.


  18. wow this is outstanding!

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  20. Very, very cool. IWIHTT. (I wish i had taken this!)

  21. Just made it my desktop background. Wish I was there.

  22. That is a gorgeous photo. Can’t believe that it was snowing!

  23. Impressively beautiful.

  24. Gorgeous! No other word but just Gorgeous!

  25. Wonderful sense of movement!

  26. great work, that’s absolutely outstanding

  27. Yes! I wish I was there!

  28. I, too, wish I was there. Beautiful photo.

  29. beautiful, well shot.

  30. Nice!!

  31. Stunning!

  32. this is so beautiful just like a Hollywood fantasy movie scene…. no one can say that this is real one.

  33. Beautiful!

  34. This is beautiful!

  35. Excellent..

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  37. A very dramatic picture

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  39. Thx alls 🙂

  40. Absolutely terrific! Bravo! 🙂

  41. Really beautiful!

  42. Just gorgeous, I love your stuff. Always soothes and pleases my soul.

    Thanks for posting!


  43. A pic full of atmosphere! Ann

  44. Amazing movement captured in this picture.

  45. It is what I think of tide in Northern France or other beaches a constant fluid moving world around your feet! Just beautiful, so real

  46. There is nothing quite like the combination of sand and water, and this photo is a beautiful example of that beauty. Thanks so much for posting this.

  47. It’s a beauty!

  48. Absolutely beautiful

  49. I love this – so seamless, smooth; very pleasing to the eye.


  50. Magical .. . photo .. it’s like I see the ocean moving.

  51. Awesome picture! I love the beach and the sand, and pictures of them… Yes, I can “feel” the sand and the fresh water, too 😉 Thanks for sharing!!!

  52. You should try Maine sometime, there is no shortage of photographs to be taken.

  53. IWIWT2! Gorgeous!

  54. beautiful!

  55. Stunning. The colors & clarity even on the apparently cold day, leaves the viewer with a sense of warmth & peace.

  56. Almost magical. I’m so proud of my country’s natural beauty!

  57. This looks like a beautiful place, what amazing photography!

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