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Close – Tom Svensson – Featured Photographer   32 comments

Cheetah smile

    “Close” – Near Kruger National Park, South Africa – Tom Svensson – Featured Photographer This is the type of wildlife image that I strive to get when I am out it the field. The one where you can smell the animals breathe through the photo.  Wide angle shots of dangerous animals make you […]

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Embracing the Wind – David Lloyd – Featured Photographer   45 comments

Masai Mara Lion

     “Embracing the Wind” – Masai Mara, Kenya – David Lloyd – Featured Photographer Here is one for all of you big cat lover’s out there.   I love that it is in black and white (B/W). It adds more drama to the scene.  B/W doesn’t always work for wildlife, but the master photographer’s seem […]

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