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Rocky Mountain Goat – Kipp Schoen – Featured Photographer   29 comments

rocky mountain goat

    Rocky Mountain Goat “Overlooking the Kingdom” – Mt. Evans, CO – Kipp Schoen – Featured Photographer Getting a great photo of wildlife is very difficult.  Getting a spectacular photo of wildlife showing their environment can be darn near impossible.  Well when it works out this is what it looks like.   Shooting in both […]

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Scuba Diving at Night – Viktor Lyagushkin – Featured Photographer   56 comments

Scuba diving at night

    Scuba Diving at Night “Diving Under the Stars” – Blue Lake, Caucasus, Kabardino – Balkaria, Russia – Viktor Lyagushkin – Featured Photographer Judging by the views counts and comments, you guys love these split level shots just as much as we do.  Well here is a new twist we have never seen before.  […]

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